Geeting Wild inside Singapore Zoo

Since childhood,I wanted to visit animal zoo and see the real animals but did not got any opportunity.I would wonder when will it happen but could not get the time due to other priorities and office work.But something unusual happened this time,either it was god wish or some phenomenon.while on my official visit to Singapore,I had a day off from my work and luckily the zoo was situated just few metres away from my hotel.So without any delay ,I planned to fulfil my wish to visit a zoo and that too an international zoo in Singapore.

I had read a lot about this famous zoo and came to know that Singapore zoo is one of the must natural places to visit in Singapore with over 200 species of mammals, birds and animals creatures,the unique thing about the place is the design of zoo where animals roam freely in open and naturalistic habitats and feel like home.Ever since the zoo opened the animals and the visitors are growing every year and hence it has become one of the favorite family attraction with over 20 lakhs visitors visiting the zoo each year and discovering the wild environment.



Pic : Zoo Entrance

One needs one full day to enjoy and explore this award-winning park so its recommended to go with shoes and shorts and due Singapore hot season throughout the year,sunglasses or umbrella is also recommended.One has also use tram service inside zoo to roam from various designated tram stations unlimited with one time ticket purchase.Looking at animals while sitting in tram is another wonderful experience as same has recorded audio tour which gives information about surrounding animals and place.


The zoo has large variety of animals and almost something for everyone with daily live performance by various animals across the zoo where they indulge in animal fights,how to take care of animals ,their past life and demonstrating their special abilities.I liked the snake performance where one can even hold large cobra and get photograph by officials who also offers to sell same.



Not just that children can also indulge in fountain bath in pool area free of cost where they can relax and bath,a highly recommended but make sure to carry swimsuit and towel.Well even adults can accompany their children and enjoy the pool  and get re-energized to visit the animals again.

The visit to Zoo is both educational and entertaining and brings us close to animals and give a different feeling, so make sure Singapore Zoo is on your list next time you visit Singapore.


Singapore :Destination with hidden treasures

Few months back ,I had a chance to visit to Singapore with my friends on official tour and had a 7 days trip and 3 days off.So I was very excited to visit various places within a limited time and discover as much as Singapore as possible. First five days of the trip were with heavy dose of work and meetings with out international team and clients.The next three were completely different and full of fun. I started my Saturday with visit to Marina Bay Sands which is considered as the Singapore most visited and preferred sites and main Singapore attraction.

76Pic :MBS with Art & Science Museum

I reached the Marina Bay Lands,I had a small chit chat with a local Singapore citizen who was enjoying his day off with his family and his two kids.He told me that it is a great place to explore and have fun with family.He further told me that Marina Bay serves as one of the  luxury shopping mall with branded stores and exclusive products.I could also see Marina Bay Sands Casino  at the venue  where many foreign western tourists seems to be interested as  I came to know that tourist can get free entry into the casino by just showing their passport and visa. Adjacent to this building was Art Science Museum built in lotus design and  looks beautiful when seen from outside.

Also on getting a 360 degree view, I could see tourist indulged in is the river boating  and having happy moments with their family.I could also see a vast bridge next to Marina Bay known as Helix bridge which connects both north and south Singapore and beautiful Singapore Olympics park.I can also see couple flocking side over the bridge walking hand in hand and looking at the beautiful sky lights and enjoying the evening view.


Next around 8 o’clock,I could see people gathering near the event plaza to see the amazing light and water show which mesmerized me as I could not remove my eye from touching lights,water fall movement pattern and high animation display graphic movie presented on the big screen.Such a great experience which I could not find it in India and laser effects gave me such a warm and fresh feeling inside me.

43Pic : View of Helix Bridge at night

I really enjoyed the sightseeing the Singapore and visit again in future.

Cricket Dekhne Ka Bahana and Sweet Cricket Memories

Blogging is something which I do very occasionally but whenever I write,there is a special meaning to it.I am fan follower of cricket and watches IPL like a daily ritual but this time I am blogging out on my friend request and his recommendation to share some memories trying to remember our gully cricket to stadium cricket and my notorious friend and our cricket tales and our silly excuses to run and play or watch cricket match.If you are reading it,then may be get some interesting idea and not miss a cricket match.

Whenever an Ipl game is ON ,I try to figure out by boss,my girl friend and try to handle other priorities.Some of silly excuses include going for a haircut but actually going to have some chai tea snack and sitting at the barber shop to see the IPL matches.Some of silly excuses include going for a haircut but actually going to have some chai tea snack and sitting at the barber shop to see the IPL matches.


When ever there is a Indian cricket match is ON and if it is Sunday,the best thing I do is call my friend Umang to make some excuse to come to my home and take me with him and we both enjoy the match live together in a hotel bar with drinks and beverage ofcourse.Cricket makes me do crazy things from checking the live score in toilet on my smartphone through or some time have a mute button and watching the streaming live.

Let me tell you more about how cricket has given me such a great friend and about my childhood cricket.First time I met my friend Umang at the cricket ground in Faridabad during the summer camps at age of 12 and there was a selection panel sitting to choose between batting,bowling and keeping.There was tough competition between hundreds of cricket players on the field and finally 30 players were selected and we both got in too.There after selection all 30 players were divided in a group of 3 teams based on random selection by our great guru and coach mentor Raman sir.It is by luck or by chance that me and Umang got selected within the same group by our coach.Then as the days progressed we got to know both each other as we introduced each other and try to become familiar within out team group during the ice breaking session.But I dont know why I did not like this guy Umang and never preferred to talk to him either because of his attitude or out of jealously because our coach liked him more and always sent him before me for batting and give him more chances for bowling those days.

But one day something happened during the cricket match with other team which completely changed my perception and thinking about Umang and attitude towards him as team player.Our team was struggling in the cricket match and within the first 3 overs of the match ,there was fall of 3 wickets at score of 19 runs in the first 5 overs.Thereafter I got chance to bat and it was first time Umang was batting at the other end.For the first few balls I was struggling to get bat to balls and first 8 balls were completely no run.Then on the 9th ball Umang on the other end called me and first I ignored him but then thought of lets see what this mad guy wants to say.We both came to the middle of the pitch and he put his hand on my shoulder and said only few words “Bhai agar tu apne bat middle mein rakhega toh ball miss nahin hoga and boundary par jaayega,try karke dekh”.I just said ok and while walking back I said this guy Umang is mad and thinks himself Sachin kya?

I just ignored his advice and became impatient and tried to show off and lost out my patience and try to hit Six of the next ball but missed the ball completely and it went to the keeper close to the stumps and missed it by few inches.Then I thought let me try this guy trick once and took the stand again with bat pointing to the middle.I was ready for the next ball and as soon as the ball hit the bat,it flew so far and crossed over the boundary ropes and still having the momentum.It was an unexpected result for me and even bowler could not beleive it.I was so elated that I came running to Umang to have a hug.He further gave me confidence and as the innings progressed ,I batted like a devil and scored 60 runs in just 39 balls or so and took the game from the opponent and we finally won the match.

Other instance I remember when we both were batting for inter school cricket tournament in Sec 16 ,Faridabad and we had misunderstanding while taking the second run and Umang sacrificed his wicket just for me even when he was in great form and was batting on 43 and I had just played few balls.There is so much to remember and inspire from our cricket matches and every match took us closer to each other .

I remember many times when we used to have Orange Juice and Street Burger after winning a match at Pradeep Drinks corner every Sunday and discussing about Sachin Tendulkar style and India sensational spinner Anil Kumble.

I still love to play cricket with him whenever we get time from our busy life and schedule.It brings back such glorious days and memories alive we have built over the years and still continue to do so..our love for cricket goes ON and ON.

This blog post is dedicated to Cricket and my friend Umang that I decided to blog about our cricket experience .

Sentosa : The Game Changer

Last week I took off from my busy schedule to relax and enjoy my holidays and visited Singapore which is my first international destination.It was really amazing to sightseeing Singapore and best part was visit to Sentosa island.

This blog aims to provide inside view about the Sentosa island and why it is known for its entertainment and places to visit in Singapore.

From once named as Island of Death to now named “Sentosa” means island of Peace, the island has seen tremendous changes from people, technology and ecological prospective.

Once known as ghostly island  is now visited by some fifty lakh people in a year,with major tourist being Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Australian and Indian.


Sentosa has multiple attractions so atleast two days should be booked when planning to Sentosa as one day is just not enough and with so many attractions its not easy to pick the one you want to visit and for kids atleast 3 days as 1 full day should be booked for Universal Studio which have various rides and Disney movie related themes from mickey,Donald duck,Madagascar etc.Well not just attractions,the way to reach Sentosa is also not easy one as the island can be reached by various attraction transport modes like taxi,bus but best to reach there is via Cable car,Mono Rail or Broadway .Each mode has its own advantage like cheapest being Broadway with just S$1 entry while the most exciting being Cable car from where one can see entire view of island.

Sentosa has various man made beaches.After visiting various attractions along the island one might need food and drinks to energize himself so Siloso Beach is the best place with various dinning outlets which include Thai, Chinese and also Indian cuisine at Kurry Korner.Most dinning outlets are operated from 11 to 2 pm & 5:30pm to 9pm.While Palawan Beach has one Indian restaurant named Samunder along with it lies the southernmost Point of Continental Asia where one can have a look at various cargo ships at the sea and the bridge to reach there is mind blowing.

Well as everything in Singapore is costly but there are few things in Sentosa that are free,to start withSentosa Nature Discovery, Animal & Bird Encounter at Palawan Amphitheatre and if you are a foreigner than just by showing your passport you can get free entry to Resort World Casino which originally has entry ticket of S$100 and lastly swimming and tanning at beaches is absolutely free and as there is no current in beach water so safe for kids too.

Sentosa also has eight hotels and resorts which includes world class facilities.The range of these hotels varies with the kind of room one book from normal room to suite or other exciting options like tree house,ocean huts.Some of these hotels provide a unique spa like mud pool or fish reflexology.

Sentosa also has his own Merlion,bigger than Singapore Merlion and also has light effects at night which makes it one of the attraction at Sentosa.One can find numerous rides and various water attractions and laser shows at the site but mind it all have price tag so recommended to go for sentosa pass which include multiple shows entry in single pass.

One should carry his own light food like fruit,biscuits,wafers,cold drink etc and also take a note of weather conditions and most attractions closes in case of lightning or rain and no refund of tickets in such cases.

It is recommended to check Sentosa official website and make a note of special events at the site.