Singapore :Destination with hidden treasures

Few months back ,I had a chance to visit to Singapore with my friends on official tour and had a 7 days trip and 3 days off.So I was very excited to visit various places within a limited time and discover as much as Singapore as possible. First five days of the trip were with heavy dose of work and meetings with out international team and clients.The next three were completely different and full of fun. I started my Saturday with visit to Marina Bay Sands which is considered as the Singapore most visited and preferred sites and main Singapore attraction.

76Pic :MBS with Art & Science Museum

I reached the Marina Bay Lands,I had a small chit chat with a local Singapore citizen who was enjoying his day off with his family and his two kids.He told me that it is a great place to explore and have fun with family.He further told me that Marina Bay serves as one of the  luxury shopping mall with branded stores and exclusive products.I could also see Marina Bay Sands Casino  at the venue  where many foreign western tourists seems to be interested as  I came to know that tourist can get free entry into the casino by just showing their passport and visa. Adjacent to this building was Art Science Museum built in lotus design and  looks beautiful when seen from outside.

Also on getting a 360 degree view, I could see tourist indulged in is the river boating  and having happy moments with their family.I could also see a vast bridge next to Marina Bay known as Helix bridge which connects both north and south Singapore and beautiful Singapore Olympics park.I can also see couple flocking side over the bridge walking hand in hand and looking at the beautiful sky lights and enjoying the evening view.


Next around 8 o’clock,I could see people gathering near the event plaza to see the amazing light and water show which mesmerized me as I could not remove my eye from touching lights,water fall movement pattern and high animation display graphic movie presented on the big screen.Such a great experience which I could not find it in India and laser effects gave me such a warm and fresh feeling inside me.

43Pic : View of Helix Bridge at night

I really enjoyed the sightseeing the Singapore and visit again in future.


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