Geeting Wild inside Singapore Zoo

Since childhood,I wanted to visit animal zoo and see the real animals but did not got any opportunity.I would wonder when will it happen but could not get the time due to other priorities and office work.But something unusual happened this time,either it was god wish or some phenomenon.while on my official visit to Singapore,I had a day off from my work and luckily the zoo was situated just few metres away from my hotel.So without any delay ,I planned to fulfil my wish to visit a zoo and that too an international zoo in Singapore.

I had read a lot about this famous zoo and came to know that Singapore zoo is one of the must natural places to visit in Singapore with over 200 species of mammals, birds and animals creatures,the unique thing about the place is the design of zoo where animals roam freely in open and naturalistic habitats and feel like home.Ever since the zoo opened the animals and the visitors are growing every year and hence it has become one of the favorite family attraction with over 20 lakhs visitors visiting the zoo each year and discovering the wild environment.



Pic : Zoo Entrance

One needs one full day to enjoy and explore this award-winning park so its recommended to go with shoes and shorts and due Singapore hot season throughout the year,sunglasses or umbrella is also recommended.One has also use tram service inside zoo to roam from various designated tram stations unlimited with one time ticket purchase.Looking at animals while sitting in tram is another wonderful experience as same has recorded audio tour which gives information about surrounding animals and place.


The zoo has large variety of animals and almost something for everyone with daily live performance by various animals across the zoo where they indulge in animal fights,how to take care of animals ,their past life and demonstrating their special abilities.I liked the snake performance where one can even hold large cobra and get photograph by officials who also offers to sell same.



Not just that children can also indulge in fountain bath in pool area free of cost where they can relax and bath,a highly recommended but make sure to carry swimsuit and towel.Well even adults can accompany their children and enjoy the pool  and get re-energized to visit the animals again.

The visit to Zoo is both educational and entertaining and brings us close to animals and give a different feeling, so make sure Singapore Zoo is on your list next time you visit Singapore.


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