MG Muthoot -Entrepreneur and Role Model

Some people makes their mark in the history and do something which is slightly edgy and different from others.No one could ever imagine that Mr MG George Muthoot,chairman of the Muthoot group would be known for one of the largest entrerprise for providing gold loan to people in the country.He started with a very small office and now his business excels with more than 4000 branches across urban and rural areas covering all areas of the country.


Mr MG Muthoot joined his family run business and through his hard work,he brought new ways of providing financial service to everyone in the society.He is considered as greatest entrepreneur of all times in banking industry and latest information tells him that he is considered as greatest contender for getting the licence to start a bank from Reserve Bank of India.He won the Mahatma Gandhi National Award by the MG National Foundation in 2001 for his remarkable achievement in the industry and his company received the SKOCH Award for Financial services.

He is the person who starts his days with prayers and meeting employees across different regions everyday and dedicated to work objectives and schedule.The other side of MG Muthoot is not known to many people.He is an philanthropic and a great teacher.He is commited to development of villages in kerala.The reason for his great success in the industry is credited to his hard work,passion,following his father traditions,strong belief in core values and ethics.

For him,every employee is considered as a part of the family and belives in maintaining strong mutual relationship and trust among his employees.The way he lead and changed the negative pereception about people taking the gold loan was the turning point in his career and he has provided opportunity to people who were financially weak and empowering them with money to fulfill their dreams and needs.Everyone now consider him as Banker for every unbanked Indian.

I consider him as my role model for his great vision and mission to serve the people with their financial purposes and encourage them to pursue their dreams and providing loans to poorest people who still dont have a bank account .

I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with



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