My Uncle Amit and Aunt Pushpa – Teacher and Role Model

I have been very fortunate to have this lovely couple in my life who have guided me to take the right decisions and help in believing in my self always.My uncle Amit worked in Bata Company for years to become one day as general manager in their factory in NCR region and his principle was to follow your goals in your life and try to achieve them in the right manner and be honest to yourself. On the other hand,my aunt is a big believer in giving back to the society and has inspired me to do something for the poor people in my own individual ways in which I am comfortable.During their past time generally on weekdays,they try to improve the lives of people and arrange some food and fruits for the poor irrespective of their age or disability.They have been like my other family next to my parents and I have learnt so much from them.There line if conduct says that we all should focus on contributing to the society and environment.

When I was very young and immature and did not have that thinking capacity to take the right decisions for myself,they always helped me in deciding the correct path and were always standing beside my parents.Every summer holidays I would visit them for staying with them and they would treat me same way as their son and would pamper me with loads of goodies and toys which my parent disliked.When my uncle came back from office in evening,he would ask me to read newspaper and explain the sentence in my own interpretation and if I could do it in the right way,then he would give me chocolate that day.Also Amit uncle made me write 5 new words in English everyday from the dictionary which I felt offended and uninterested but now seeing my dictionary made my me,I realized its importance now and thankful to him for improving my vocabulary and grammar.I never thought that he was acting as a teacher for me as his ways were so different from traditional teaching unlike school.


One of the instances happened one day was that I had failed in my school Maths exam and I did not have the courage to face my parents to show them the grade.At the same time,my aunt had visited my house for a small get together and she could sense automatically that I was very sad and hurt by some thing and was not talking to her.Then she called me and took me in my arms and asked me if something was wrong or if I was facing some problem.I was very opened to her and told her my marks.She took me in her arms and told me that you should tell your parents the truth and tell them that you will be work had and promise them good marks in future.I followed her technique and my mom did not utter a single word and told me at least I had courage to tell the truth.Next few days I was highly motivated to keep up for my promise and got 22 out of 25 marks.I felt very relaxed that day and called my aunt for helping me and motivating me to study.

My uncle and aunt are my role model for their blessings and guiding me throughout their life and following the right path and teaching me values and ethics in life.

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