Zest is Happiness

Every human being is different in this world and has his own likings and dislikings.Life has become more complex with people becoming less social and more virutal.We have been working more towards the goal of earning money and sacrificing our basic ZEST of our life.But for me day starts from morning shifts to evening shifts and then I feel it is enough to keep the work aside no matter even if you get paid for extra over time.Thanks to my Zest things which has made my life less complex and tension free.

Spending time with my Uncle and Aunt

I have been very fortunate to have this lovely couple in my life who have guided me to take the right decisions and help in believing in my self always.They have been great inspiration for me and I can share everything with them without any hesitation at any time of the day.I love them very much and inspired by their efforts they put every month when try to improve the lives of people and arrange some food and fruits for the poor irrespective of their age or disability.Besides my parents,they are my best friends and motivator in my life who keep on adding ZEST in me to achieve more success in life. 


My Mother

No one can take the place of my mom in my life.My mom has been always there for me in every situation of my life and helping me to overcome my problems and giving me solutions.She has helped me to become self confident and gain success with hard work and dedication.I feel she is the best and I admire her very much and try to follow her moral values to get myself best life.Without my mother I cannot even survive in the planet.


I am fan follower of cricket and watches IPL like a daily ritual and I have been playing this sport from our gully cricket days to stadium cricket with my notorious friends.I still love to play cricket whenever I get time from our busy life and schedule.It brings back such glorious days and memories alive built over the years and still continue to do so..my love for cricket goes ON and ON.


My head office is located in Singapore and so I have to report my boss every quarter for my project report and analysis.This is the best thing to happen in my life that I have alternative to travel from my boring office to another country where I can relax,enjoy the green environment and have fun at work.Singapore is one of the most beautiful city in the world with lot to explore and known for its award-winning zoo.I have a dream that one day I would shift my base to Singapore and have a beautiful home near the beach area facing the sea and watching the sunrise and sunset everyday.


FasT Food and Bollywood Films

I love fast food and watching bollywood films.My favourite hero is Salman Khan and I try to follow his style,his actions,his responses,his way of speaking and try to do everthing like him.Every month I wait for release of his films to get the booking of the first day first show and enjoy with my family.When it comes to fast food,I make sure I have veg momos with coke or half fry chowmein or veg burger every week once in a while from the local pastry shop near my house.I got addicted to chinese cuisine from days when I started going to South Extension in Delhi for my IIT-JEE classes and still remember saving money for having fast food at Bengali sweets

This is all that adds ZEST to my simple life and makes my life more sweeter and cooler than ever. 

This post is a part of the #ZestUpYourLife activity in association with TATA Zest and BlogAdda.com


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