Best Things come in Black

The beauty about black color cannot be described but can be felt everywhere.I have special attraction for black things because black color adds elegance,beauty and perfection to it.The black color adds confidence to my personality and adds midas touch to it.I feel more responsible,focused in my work and committed to my goals and objective.Now, I would like to tell you about the black things which I would love to possess and which capture my imagination.

Black Blackberry Phone

I am blackberry hardcore fan and have been using different blackberry devices past 4 years.The best about these phones is that they are suited for sending official emails and easy to operate. One of blackberry which I would like to own is the blackberry Z10 Porsche edition.This phone is pretty expensive and best limited edition BB phone.This phone has titanium body and have special features compared to ordinary phone.


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Black Armani Suit like MEN IN BLACK

The black color takes special place in my wardrobe and my clothing.Most of my format dress and office clothing includes black tie or black coat or pullover with matching black shoes.I love wearing black dress when going for official presentations and meeting our corporate team in Singapore.This Giorgio Armani dress is one of my black thing in my list which I want to wear when I go for some office party or convention.


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Black Soccer Shoes

Shoes have been my favorite item and I own a collection of more than ten pairs of formal and sports shoes.Whenever I am out for shopping or vacation,buying shoes is my top wish list.I have never bought sports shoes in black color till date,so this time ,I wish to add black color soccer Adidas shoes.


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Black Board

I love using blackboard.During my school days,I used to do all the calculations and practice mathematics on a small board with the chalk.Now I wish I could that black board and buy myself a pair of chalk for writing my daily exercise routine or add my target or goals  so that I could focus more on them.


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Black Diamond Ring

Every girl loves jewelery and specially gold necklace and diamond rings.I have been married for so many years now and last time I gifted her gold bangles was few years back.In February,it is our anniversary and gifting her black  diamond ring would be a perfect surprise gift.


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These five black things I wish to own for myself and last one specially for my wife.

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