Black Inspired List

Black is not black but it is something which tells that behind darkness,there is a light.Black is no more black and we have come out of racism and everyone is respected equally in all sections of the society.Black symbolizes pride and removes negativity.For me,this color inspires me to do things when everyone is sleeping in the dark,to find my way in the darkness,to unleash the truth behind every dark story.Some things which I want  have black color in them and really inspires me to work hard to achieve them.

Black Undertaker Wrestling Dress

I have been watching WWE wrestling since my childhood days and even today when I come back from my office in the evening ,the first thing on television set is setting ten sports channel to watch wrestling and have some haldiram snack and Pepsi in my hand.My favorite wrestler is Understaker whose real name is Mark William Calaway.I love the way he enters the arena,his dressing style,the way he fights and knocks down the opponent..His black coat and dress outfit with matching shoes and hat makes him look more powerful and half of the fight is already over before the match starts.Iwant this outfit for myself too.


Black Harley Davidson Bike

I own a black Pulsar bike which I got as a gift for passing my college exams from my father as I had got first division with excellent percentage.But I always wanted to have Harley Davidson bike which I could ride for long distances across Meerut-Haridwar highway.This bike is so much addictive and one can only get the real experience by driving it.This black color bike on the ride can give challenge to any other bike and also probability of impressing a girl is more when going for a date driving this masterpiece.


German Shepherd Pet Dog

I love dogs for their unconditional love for human beings and never harm anyone without any reason and are always loyal to the master.I wish human beings could also be less materialistic and Original without harming other for their vested interests.German Shepherd dog is one of the most intelligent breed and if I own one,I would love to go for a walk with him everyday to the park everyday and play with him before going to office and take care if him.


Black Apple MacBook Air Laptop

Apple has most innovative products including the iPhone,i-pod and laptops.Apple company has really revolutionized the way we use technology and has made our life more simple and easy.All I need is the Macbook air in black color which could be helpful in preparing my office reports and integrate my various projects together in one place and I could carry anywhere.The Macbook is really need of hour which can my life less hectic.


Beats Solo Headphones Headset

I am not very fond of music but listen to radio fm stations when going to office in the morning or while coming back.Being a manager,I have to travel to over local branches and out stations and then point comes I need to listen to music through my phone.But I feel the voice clarity is not that great in my old mobile and Beats solo headphones will be perfect option.


These five black things I wish to own for myself which could give me immense happiness and pleasure.

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