Shave or Move

In my college days, I was nice student but very active and everyone in my college knew me. I was always famous for being helpful, respecting the teachers and helping every student. In the second year, I was selected by my college administration to help out college staff in recruitment and placement activities. My job would include coordinating with final years students and ask them to send their resumes and I would forward to the college administration. Also I would contact the company Human resource department to take appointment for campus placement process and my job was done.
One day the girl co-ordinator who was my senior was absent when one of the companies came to the campus. Her job was to welcome the guests in the auditorium and introduce them. But I was there in the college and in her absence, I had to welcome them. But the problem for me was that I did not shave that day and also not in formal. I was very nervous since it was not part of my job to welcome guests to the college. As the guests arrived, I gave them the flowers and a memento and took them to the auditorium. Everything did not go smooth and as planned. I could see the college staff looking at me and pointed out to meet them after the process. After the placement process was over and the college staff called me in the cabin. I thought they would appreciate me for my work and the way I managed without my partner. But they told me that due to my unprofessional look with stubble face and tough personality, it made a bad impression as I was the first point of contact. They were expecting me to be more humble, warm and look pleasant and with clean face. They further asked me about my reason not to shave. I knew I had made a mistake and even regretted for the same. They gave me strict instructions to shave if I want to be associated with college staff and be the coordinator.
Due to my mistake, they decided to add one more candidate to the team and now my role was less as expected.

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Missed Opportunity in Painting competition

It was my college second year and our exams were finished. Our college was strict and only concentrated on academic learning and there were not many sports or other co-curricular opportunities. Our auditorium was also very small and most of the time it remained closed. It was only during the annual fest, our college would invite students for debate, drama, ad campaign competition.

During the annual fest, we had many teams coming from different campus to our college. But I decided not to participate this time and instead just go there and have fun with friends and motivate them to win the competition. In the second year, my personality had completely changed and I had grown my beard something like the actor Alan in hangover movie. I felt that beard is a symbol of being a strong man and my junior will be little scared of me. I went to college on the annual fest day with my stubble look and decided not to shave. In the college, one of close friend was participating in a face painting competition but at the last moment his team member opted out and did not came to the fest due to certain medical problem. There were total five teams participating and it was important being the host college to find someone who could be a volunteer and help my friend in face painting competition. I stood up for my friend and our college in order to prevent our disqualification.

But there was an issue with me as my beard was covering the whole face and there was very little area for my friend to paint my face and show his creativity. I asked my teacher to give us 10-15 minutes so that I can get shave and we can perform better to win the competition. But the competition started as per the scheduled time and my friend who was good in his art skill could not do much with my face as facial hair was so thick that it was very difficult to draw or use his sketch pens. In the end, all he could manage was paint my beard into Indian flag.

Then came the voting time for the judges and as expected we lost and came fourth. It was a bad start followed my stubble face which made us losing side.

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Security and Privacy Issue with Shave

School and then College are best part of our life where we can have learn various skills and develop ourselves for corporate world. My college was out of my home town and I had to move to Sikkim after getting selected for my engineering course. When I was in home, my parents would take extra care of me and asks me about whether I have taken food or not. They tried to make me happy and fulfilled my wishes. But once I was in hostel, then I realized the importance of my family and felt alone. But with time, I started to make new friends and engaged with them in sharing my happy and sad moments. In one of the college vacation, we all friends went together to take a trip to Taj Mahal which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

As soon we reached Agra, I was excited to see and capture Taj Mahal in my Nikon camera. There were thousands of tourists passing through the main gate where checking of their belongings was being done. My friends walked easily through the security gate but when my turn came, the security officer told me to wait and asked me to show my identity proof and then told me to come separately for additional checking. I was completely surprised and shocked as my friends passed the security arena and other people behind me were watching me as if was some terrorist or criminal with wrong intentions. I was told to follow them into the room where I was asked to show my personal belongings and certain questions about my background. Finally after half an hour, they cleared me and told me that I can visit the monument. Out of curiosity and frustated, I asked them why they stopped me while my friends were allowed. The officer in charge told me about my looks and long beard with stubble face. He told me that it was not matching with my photo in the voter ID card. This led them to take precaution as it was matter of national security.

By that point of time, my friends were already inside and waited for me to get in. But I decided to skip the chance to see the Taj Mahal and instead went straight to nearby barber shop to have clean shaven personality and be the same as in the photo. After the makeover, I went again back to Taj Mahal and passed the gate without any issues and joined my friends to see Taj Mahal.

This whole incident taught me a lesson about importance of shave in life and will remain a memory forever.

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Stubble Punishment and Missed Chance

One of the instances in my life where I felt I lost the important battle of my life of getting a dream job and being selected for the interview. I was studying in Manipal University and doing my engineering. Those were the golden days of my life and my only job was to study and hang out with my friends. First three years were so much of fun and entertainment and also included different challenges in studies. In my class, I used to be among the top five students and we always had a tough competition. I was little different from other guys as I was more social active and interactive with everyone. I had a long beard and always felt proud of it. The long beard and stubble look made a huge impact and helped me out as my seniors never came close to me for introduction session and taking me for a ride. Also, it made me look bold and like hard core macho personality. During those days, my close friends would call me babaji as my facial hair and looked something similar to saints. But last year of college was different and difficult in terms of studies and preparing final projects. I was given loads of presentations for my exams and it was very stressful.My personality and looks started to make an impact on my grades and confidence.

Our campus placement had called HCL Company for recruitment and there were three rounds which included aptitude test, group discussion and personal interview rounds. I cleared the aptitude plus group discussion round and was shortlisted for the next round to be held next day. The campus placement cell called everyone in the evening and told us to come in full college uniform with clean face and short hair. They strictly told us to carry our resume copies with coloured photographs and mentioned that company is looking for candidates with pleasing personality. During the session, I was just sitting at the back and tried to ignore their instructions and even laughed at them. I thought about how clean shave would make any impact on my placement or results.

Next morning, I woke up early and prepared for my group discussion and interview. My roommate gave me his tie as I had lost it somewhere. He also told me to shave my beard as he told me about the instructions from the campus placement cell. I completely ignored him and went for the interview with stubble look. I reached the auditorium where all the shortlisted candidates were waiting for their turn. Everyone pointed me out about my stubble look and long beard. They even warned me to shave before interview begins. At that moment, I realised my mistake and thought about shaving but now it was too late as somebody shouted my name that I am the next guy for interview. I went with unshaven face and was rejected as thought. Later our campus placement director called me in evening and told me to face disciplinary action for not following the instructions. I was later debarred for appearing in next three companies and realized about missing job opportunities.

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#willyoushave -Chance to Prove Now

Job Interview and examination is most difficult thing for anyone as it is test of your knowledge, skills and your personality and stamina. It takes everything from you and judges you against others. They do make an impact on your life and could make your career or destroy it. I have been in situation many times during my career and the process never ends. There is so much competition in life that one has to update his knowledge, be smarter and look into his personality. The worst part is that while examination is written but interview is always oral and face to face with other person. Interview is test of character and personality.

I have given a dozens of interview before getting my first job and hitting the nail with offer letter and good pay package. There was a time when my rejection rate was such that I ended up getting knocked out of job evaluation criteria in the first round itself. I felt frustrated at times and felt disappointed. I used to cry for hours and kept myself locked in my room. Then one day straight after getting eliminated from the interview, I went to my Deepak uncle home as I was feeling very depressed and required his help. Deepak uncle is like a close friend for me and I can share anything with him without any hesitation. Uncle Deepak listened to me and told me relax and have patience. He offered me lunch and cold drinks to calm me down and forget about today interview.

As the discussion started, I told him that I did everything right from studying, getting good marks and scholarship. I always concentrate on my work and never miss anything but still I fail everytime.Deepak uncle was very supportive and told me that ups and downs are part of our life. Everyone face challenges daily but the person who comes out of it is the winner. He tried to motivate me and then stood up from his chair. He came close to me and told me to come with him. He took me to his bedroom and asked me to look into the mirror. Then he pointed out his finger to my facial hair on my unshaven face. He told me that my person who does not shave before the interview has greater chances to be rejected and creates bad impression to the person who is taking the interview. He further gave me some tips about my personality and how to look more confident and advised me to shave before going to the next interview. I followed his advice and went clean face for the next interview. I felt myself more confident and professional this time. Within few days, I got my first job and joining letter. I believe that if I had clean face, I could have landed job earlier but later I got the job with advice from my uncle deepak.Clean shave and confidence do matters in the interview.

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