#willyoushave -Chance to Prove Now

Job Interview and examination is most difficult thing for anyone as it is test of your knowledge, skills and your personality and stamina. It takes everything from you and judges you against others. They do make an impact on your life and could make your career or destroy it. I have been in situation many times during my career and the process never ends. There is so much competition in life that one has to update his knowledge, be smarter and look into his personality. The worst part is that while examination is written but interview is always oral and face to face with other person. Interview is test of character and personality.

I have given a dozens of interview before getting my first job and hitting the nail with offer letter and good pay package. There was a time when my rejection rate was such that I ended up getting knocked out of job evaluation criteria in the first round itself. I felt frustrated at times and felt disappointed. I used to cry for hours and kept myself locked in my room. Then one day straight after getting eliminated from the interview, I went to my Deepak uncle home as I was feeling very depressed and required his help. Deepak uncle is like a close friend for me and I can share anything with him without any hesitation. Uncle Deepak listened to me and told me relax and have patience. He offered me lunch and cold drinks to calm me down and forget about today interview.

As the discussion started, I told him that I did everything right from studying, getting good marks and scholarship. I always concentrate on my work and never miss anything but still I fail everytime.Deepak uncle was very supportive and told me that ups and downs are part of our life. Everyone face challenges daily but the person who comes out of it is the winner. He tried to motivate me and then stood up from his chair. He came close to me and told me to come with him. He took me to his bedroom and asked me to look into the mirror. Then he pointed out his finger to my facial hair on my unshaven face. He told me that my person who does not shave before the interview has greater chances to be rejected and creates bad impression to the person who is taking the interview. He further gave me some tips about my personality and how to look more confident and advised me to shave before going to the next interview. I followed his advice and went clean face for the next interview. I felt myself more confident and professional this time. Within few days, I got my first job and joining letter. I believe that if I had clean face, I could have landed job earlier but later I got the job with advice from my uncle deepak.Clean shave and confidence do matters in the interview.

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