Stubble Punishment and Missed Chance

One of the instances in my life where I felt I lost the important battle of my life of getting a dream job and being selected for the interview. I was studying in Manipal University and doing my engineering. Those were the golden days of my life and my only job was to study and hang out with my friends. First three years were so much of fun and entertainment and also included different challenges in studies. In my class, I used to be among the top five students and we always had a tough competition. I was little different from other guys as I was more social active and interactive with everyone. I had a long beard and always felt proud of it. The long beard and stubble look made a huge impact and helped me out as my seniors never came close to me for introduction session and taking me for a ride. Also, it made me look bold and like hard core macho personality. During those days, my close friends would call me babaji as my facial hair and looked something similar to saints. But last year of college was different and difficult in terms of studies and preparing final projects. I was given loads of presentations for my exams and it was very stressful.My personality and looks started to make an impact on my grades and confidence.

Our campus placement had called HCL Company for recruitment and there were three rounds which included aptitude test, group discussion and personal interview rounds. I cleared the aptitude plus group discussion round and was shortlisted for the next round to be held next day. The campus placement cell called everyone in the evening and told us to come in full college uniform with clean face and short hair. They strictly told us to carry our resume copies with coloured photographs and mentioned that company is looking for candidates with pleasing personality. During the session, I was just sitting at the back and tried to ignore their instructions and even laughed at them. I thought about how clean shave would make any impact on my placement or results.

Next morning, I woke up early and prepared for my group discussion and interview. My roommate gave me his tie as I had lost it somewhere. He also told me to shave my beard as he told me about the instructions from the campus placement cell. I completely ignored him and went for the interview with stubble look. I reached the auditorium where all the shortlisted candidates were waiting for their turn. Everyone pointed me out about my stubble look and long beard. They even warned me to shave before interview begins. At that moment, I realised my mistake and thought about shaving but now it was too late as somebody shouted my name that I am the next guy for interview. I went with unshaven face and was rejected as thought. Later our campus placement director called me in evening and told me to face disciplinary action for not following the instructions. I was later debarred for appearing in next three companies and realized about missing job opportunities.

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