Security and Privacy Issue with Shave

School and then College are best part of our life where we can have learn various skills and develop ourselves for corporate world. My college was out of my home town and I had to move to Sikkim after getting selected for my engineering course. When I was in home, my parents would take extra care of me and asks me about whether I have taken food or not. They tried to make me happy and fulfilled my wishes. But once I was in hostel, then I realized the importance of my family and felt alone. But with time, I started to make new friends and engaged with them in sharing my happy and sad moments. In one of the college vacation, we all friends went together to take a trip to Taj Mahal which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

As soon we reached Agra, I was excited to see and capture Taj Mahal in my Nikon camera. There were thousands of tourists passing through the main gate where checking of their belongings was being done. My friends walked easily through the security gate but when my turn came, the security officer told me to wait and asked me to show my identity proof and then told me to come separately for additional checking. I was completely surprised and shocked as my friends passed the security arena and other people behind me were watching me as if was some terrorist or criminal with wrong intentions. I was told to follow them into the room where I was asked to show my personal belongings and certain questions about my background. Finally after half an hour, they cleared me and told me that I can visit the monument. Out of curiosity and frustated, I asked them why they stopped me while my friends were allowed. The officer in charge told me about my looks and long beard with stubble face. He told me that it was not matching with my photo in the voter ID card. This led them to take precaution as it was matter of national security.

By that point of time, my friends were already inside and waited for me to get in. But I decided to skip the chance to see the Taj Mahal and instead went straight to nearby barber shop to have clean shaven personality and be the same as in the photo. After the makeover, I went again back to Taj Mahal and passed the gate without any issues and joined my friends to see Taj Mahal.

This whole incident taught me a lesson about importance of shave in life and will remain a memory forever.

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This post is acceptance and invitation from the bloggers to participate in #willyoushave.


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