Missed Opportunity in Painting competition

It was my college second year and our exams were finished. Our college was strict and only concentrated on academic learning and there were not many sports or other co-curricular opportunities. Our auditorium was also very small and most of the time it remained closed. It was only during the annual fest, our college would invite students for debate, drama, ad campaign competition.

During the annual fest, we had many teams coming from different campus to our college. But I decided not to participate this time and instead just go there and have fun with friends and motivate them to win the competition. In the second year, my personality had completely changed and I had grown my beard something like the actor Alan in hangover movie. I felt that beard is a symbol of being a strong man and my junior will be little scared of me. I went to college on the annual fest day with my stubble look and decided not to shave. In the college, one of close friend was participating in a face painting competition but at the last moment his team member opted out and did not came to the fest due to certain medical problem. There were total five teams participating and it was important being the host college to find someone who could be a volunteer and help my friend in face painting competition. I stood up for my friend and our college in order to prevent our disqualification.

But there was an issue with me as my beard was covering the whole face and there was very little area for my friend to paint my face and show his creativity. I asked my teacher to give us 10-15 minutes so that I can get shave and we can perform better to win the competition. But the competition started as per the scheduled time and my friend who was good in his art skill could not do much with my face as facial hair was so thick that it was very difficult to draw or use his sketch pens. In the end, all he could manage was paint my beard into Indian flag.

Then came the voting time for the judges and as expected we lost and came fourth. It was a bad start followed my stubble face which made us losing side.

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