Shave or Move

In my college days, I was nice student but very active and everyone in my college knew me. I was always famous for being helpful, respecting the teachers and helping every student. In the second year, I was selected by my college administration to help out college staff in recruitment and placement activities. My job would include coordinating with final years students and ask them to send their resumes and I would forward to the college administration. Also I would contact the company Human resource department to take appointment for campus placement process and my job was done.
One day the girl co-ordinator who was my senior was absent when one of the companies came to the campus. Her job was to welcome the guests in the auditorium and introduce them. But I was there in the college and in her absence, I had to welcome them. But the problem for me was that I did not shave that day and also not in formal. I was very nervous since it was not part of my job to welcome guests to the college. As the guests arrived, I gave them the flowers and a memento and took them to the auditorium. Everything did not go smooth and as planned. I could see the college staff looking at me and pointed out to meet them after the process. After the placement process was over and the college staff called me in the cabin. I thought they would appreciate me for my work and the way I managed without my partner. But they told me that due to my unprofessional look with stubble face and tough personality, it made a bad impression as I was the first point of contact. They were expecting me to be more humble, warm and look pleasant and with clean face. They further asked me about my reason not to shave. I knew I had made a mistake and even regretted for the same. They gave me strict instructions to shave if I want to be associated with college staff and be the coordinator.
Due to my mistake, they decided to add one more candidate to the team and now my role was less as expected.

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