Hands on Cupid Proposal

I like a girl since my college and we are still good friends till date but we never have dated each other as after the college ended and we got placed in different companies and got busy in our training. But past year I have been following her on face book and other social sites. Our relationship is more than just being friend and past six months we have been dating each other and have feeling of love and care for each other. Proposing straight to her is little difficult for me and instead I want her to ask the proposal question to marry me. I have been trying my best to get over this phobia but this coming valentine day, I want to be bold and like any other men would love to take my relation forward. I am ready to mingle with her but speaking those three magic words are made for special occasion and Valentine day is considered as auspicious and popular day to make this happen.

In order to make it look romantic and cupid I have three plans in mind

I will pick her up from her home in the evening and tell her that we are going to shopping mall. Then blindfold her in the car and then would be to take her to picnic spot where we started to date and met first time after college. I will hold her hand and take her to the exact spot where we often sit and talk to each other. I would surprise her by posting a heart shape banner on that tree with her name written all over it. I will make sure the tree is lit up with all the lights like in diwali festival. As we reach the spot, I would ask her to remove the cloth and before she could even think about it, I will get down on one knee and give her the gold ring with promise to be the tree of her life and be with her forever.

My second way would be ask her to meet my friends at a dining restaurant and would plan up everything before she comes to the reataurant.I would ask my friends to hold the board with letters “Will you merry me ” written on it and ask one of them to record this special moment. As she enters the restaurant, I would give her a welcome by singing a song for her and then in front of everyone and ask my friends to hold the banner to her and raise a toast with gold ring in it.

My last plan to propose her would be to take a wild route and surprise her with a hot air balloon ride on valentine day. I would grab her hand as the balloon is off the ground and reached the optimum height and then give her a letter with a ring asking her to marry me.


Get. Set. Bolt….

Tata Motors is known for its quality and customer service.It is one of the the most reputed Indian brand when it comes to car segment.The first thing which strikes my mind when I hear about Tata motors is their one of best selling car Tata Indica.Last year Tata motors came up with Tata Zest in order to give strong competition to Maruti Suzuki and other car companies which made quite an impact in the market.In order to continue its effort to capture a larger market share,this time they have launched Tata Bolt with all the latest features tested over quite period of time and giving best value of money to the customers.

Recently I got an opportunity to visit shopping mall in New Delhi and check out their newest car BOLT.There was a huge rush around the bolt arena and people at the mall look quite excited about the buzz surrounding the bolt.I met the Bolt team at the booth counter and they gave me a brief 360 degree review about the car and its specifications.I like their presentation style and confidence while explaining the features and different modes.


If you ask about 5 features which make this car different from others,then it would include these following features.

1. Exterior looks and Driving Mode

On the first look,Bolt in red color is very appealing and attractive.The first thing which grabs the attention is the Tata Motors logo and Bolt written below it both at the front and back end of this elegant car.One of the most important thing and primary thing any car is driving and then comes the fuel efficiency,budget planning  and interior.Tata Bolt with Revotron Engine offers multiple driving modes known as the Sport, Eco and City modes.


2. Interior Design and Classic Dashboard

Bolt driving is like a child play with power assisted steering wheel and side buttons to play music and adjust other settings without any deviation from driving.



3. Spacious and Exclusive Safety Measure

Bolt is a perfect family car with enough space and leg room for backside passengers.Also the ceiling height is more and back seats can be folded to make extra space for luggage.Bolt considers safety of passenger on priority and has included Corner Stability control for smooth driving and dual airbags to prevent serious injury during accidents.

4.  Powerful Tested Engine

Tata Bolt come up with Revtron1.2L Engine Next Generation MPFI Engine.It uses Fuel Injection Technology which helps in saving fuel and increasing power efficiency with elevated performance.


5.  Social Connect and Full on Entertainment

Bolt has touch screen infotainment by Harman which can connect to ten Bluetooth connections.Voice Recognition System and Social Connect are unique selling point for Bolt as it helps user to customize their music and set their preferences.


Do check the latest advertisement in order to get the Bolt experience!

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Things that define her

She is someone who has given me everything from selfless love and being my mentor in my life. I am talking here about my grandmother who is the one behind my strength and my key to happiness. My grandmother was very kind and helpful by nature. She had a good memory and could recall the exact day and date of many special occasions. She never gave importance to money and would give money to every member of the family on their birthday or anniversary etcher warm nature and her night stories would help me sleep at night. She had a rule of early to bed and would wake before sunrise. She was an avid follower of Lord Krishna and would offer her prayers very morning without fail. She was the one who treated everyone equal in the family. Her presence was the strong binding factor in the family. I remember people would come to her to seek out their family issues and personal problems.


She was born in low class income family along with two brothers. Her both parents went to work and she used to care for her young brothers. She was in eight classes when she opted to stay home and leave the school due to health problems and finance. But she continued her struggle for getting education and would work part time to arrange the funds and buy books for herself. All the pressure came to her at an early age when her mother died and she had to take up the responsibility of her two brothers. She had to sell fruits and vegetables and help his father in his farm. Later she got married when she was just 19 years of age but she continued to help his brothers by teaching them and arranging funds for their education till they were able to stand up on their own feet. It is till date today that her brothers and their families still come and do charity functions on her name and often us support in all forms due to my grandmother.

I would end with a message for her “Thank you for all the support and love you had given to everyone over the years”

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Journey from ‘OR’ to ‘AND’

It is an honor for me to write about my younger sister and express my gratitude and thanks to her for making our family proud of her achievements. It would not have been possible if my sister had listened to our relatives and so-called well wishers who always tried to influence her and my parents to not send my sister for job and insisted her to grab a job or be at home and help my mother in her household chores or learn the art of cleaning home or washing utensils. She has proved to be catalyst of social change within our close social circle by her hard work and dedication.


She was in engineering college and it was her last year. During the placement season many companies came and we all in the family knew she would crack the interviews. She managed to get job offer letters from two multinational companies and it was the time to take the decision to make a decision for her future. One company offered a job to her with good handsome package and within the Delhi ncr region while other one was outside in Mumbai but with better job prospects. It was a critical decision to make as my mother does not wanted her to go outside the city for work while she wanted to learn more and make a good career. My relatives wanted her to get married and just follow and preserve the ill-defined old traditions. There were so many issues of trust and security which caused a sense of fear among my parents. But she stood up and straight away ignoring everything and decided to talk to parents. My parents were supportive and she got the green signal and went to join the company. It was very difficult for her as she had to manage everything on her own from cooking her meals, living alone and other issues. But when she came back after six months, we could see her happy and very confident. She had brought gifts for everyone and proved everyone wrong.

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