Journey from ‘OR’ to ‘AND’

It is an honor for me to write about my younger sister and express my gratitude and thanks to her for making our family proud of her achievements. It would not have been possible if my sister had listened to our relatives and so-called well wishers who always tried to influence her and my parents to not send my sister for job and insisted her to grab a job or be at home and help my mother in her household chores or learn the art of cleaning home or washing utensils. She has proved to be catalyst of social change within our close social circle by her hard work and dedication.


She was in engineering college and it was her last year. During the placement season many companies came and we all in the family knew she would crack the interviews. She managed to get job offer letters from two multinational companies and it was the time to take the decision to make a decision for her future. One company offered a job to her with good handsome package and within the Delhi ncr region while other one was outside in Mumbai but with better job prospects. It was a critical decision to make as my mother does not wanted her to go outside the city for work while she wanted to learn more and make a good career. My relatives wanted her to get married and just follow and preserve the ill-defined old traditions. There were so many issues of trust and security which caused a sense of fear among my parents. But she stood up and straight away ignoring everything and decided to talk to parents. My parents were supportive and she got the green signal and went to join the company. It was very difficult for her as she had to manage everything on her own from cooking her meals, living alone and other issues. But when she came back after six months, we could see her happy and very confident. She had brought gifts for everyone and proved everyone wrong.

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