Things that define her

She is someone who has given me everything from selfless love and being my mentor in my life. I am talking here about my grandmother who is the one behind my strength and my key to happiness. My grandmother was very kind and helpful by nature. She had a good memory and could recall the exact day and date of many special occasions. She never gave importance to money and would give money to every member of the family on their birthday or anniversary etcher warm nature and her night stories would help me sleep at night. She had a rule of early to bed and would wake before sunrise. She was an avid follower of Lord Krishna and would offer her prayers very morning without fail. She was the one who treated everyone equal in the family. Her presence was the strong binding factor in the family. I remember people would come to her to seek out their family issues and personal problems.


She was born in low class income family along with two brothers. Her both parents went to work and she used to care for her young brothers. She was in eight classes when she opted to stay home and leave the school due to health problems and finance. But she continued her struggle for getting education and would work part time to arrange the funds and buy books for herself. All the pressure came to her at an early age when her mother died and she had to take up the responsibility of her two brothers. She had to sell fruits and vegetables and help his father in his farm. Later she got married when she was just 19 years of age but she continued to help his brothers by teaching them and arranging funds for their education till they were able to stand up on their own feet. It is till date today that her brothers and their families still come and do charity functions on her name and often us support in all forms due to my grandmother.

I would end with a message for her “Thank you for all the support and love you had given to everyone over the years”

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