Living up

I love to live in my own terms and conditions to enjoy the life and be ready to face the situation. There are so many things that add Zest to my simple life and make my life sweeter and cooler than ever. The most primary things which make me happy are:-

My family

I have been very fortunate to have parents in my life who have guided me to take the right decisions and help in believing in myself always. They have been great inspiration for me and I can share everything with them without any hesitation at any time of the day.


I am fan follower of cricket and watches IPL like a daily ritual and I have been playing this sport from our gully cricket days to stadium cricket with my notorious friends. I still love to play cricket whenever I get time from our busy life and schedule. It brings back such glorious days and memories alive built over the years and still continue to do so…my love for cricket goes ON and ON.

Donation and Funds

I am inspired by uncle efforts which they put every month when try to improve the lives of people and arrange some food and fruits for the poor irrespective of their age or disability. The happiness and smile on the poor children is priceless and this is what helps me to realize importance of small things in life.

Fast Food 

I love fast food and watching Hollywood films. Spending time with friends and watching my favourite hero is Salman Khan give me sense of enjoyment.

Smart Technology

Smartphone is my lifeline and I consider it as my way to connect with my social circle every time I have to go on official tour. I am Samsung hardcore fan and have been using different Samsung devices past 4 years. The best about these phones is that they are suited for sending official emails and easy to operate.


I started blogging few years back when one of my friends introduced me to this magic world. There are no restrictions and I can blog and write up about as many things from my personal stories, travel experiences and much more. I feel happy when people visit my blog and read about it. Getting comments from my followers or strangers is always special. It is so awesome when I can help and offer service to the society in some way or other through my blog.

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