Romantic Ideas for Common Man

Every girl loves jewellery and specially gold necklace and diamond rings.I have been married for so many years now and last time I gifted her gold bangles was few years back.In February,it is our anniversary and gifting her another expensive gift is certainly not in mind and I would be rather go with perfect surprise gift which suits my budget and gives her more joy.She is someone who has given me everything from selfless love and being my mentor in my life. I am talking here about my wife who is the one behind my strength and my key to happiness. She is very kind and helpful by nature. She has a good memory and could recall the exact day and date of many special occasions. She never gave importance to money and that is why I want to spend a day with her in romantic manner and ofcourse on a budget.

I like this article from section and I find it interesting and cool.In order to make it look romantic and cupid I have three plans in mind which I got from the article.

I will pick her up from her home in the evening and tell her that we are going to shopping mall. Then blindfold her in the car and then would be to take her to picnic spot where we started to date and met first time after college. I will hold her hand and take her to the exact spot where we often sit and talk to each other. I would surprise her by posting a heart shape banner on that tree with her name written all over it. I will make sure the tree is lit up with all the lights like in diwali festival. As we reach the spot, I would ask her to remove the cloth and before she could even think about it, I will get down on one knee and give her the gold ring with promise to be the tree of her life and be with her forever.This will costs bery less and will be great romantic occassion for both of us.

My second way would be ask her to meet my friends at a dining restaurant and would plan up everything before she comes to the reataurant.I would ask my friends to hold the board with letters “Will you merry me ” written on it and ask one of them to record this special moment. As she enters the restaurant, I would give her a welcome by singing a song for her and then in front of everyone and ask my friends to hold the banner to her and raise a toast with gold ring in it.My last plan to propose her would be to take a wild route and surprise her with amusement park rides and having fun together.I would grab her hand as the ride takes off the ground and then after the rides,I would walk with her and give her my love letter expressing my emotions.

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Right Steps to Talk to Children

Parents plays an essential role in one`s life. They are the role model who gives shape to the newly born infant to become good person in the society. They play the role of the guardian and also are decision takers in the initial stages. In the male predominant society of India, fathers do play a critical role in the all round development of the child.I have been very fortunate to have parents in my life who have guided me to take the right decisions and help in believing in myself always. They have been great inspiration for me and I can share everything with them without any hesitation at any time of the day.I was totally frank with him as there is nothing in my life that I did not share with my dad. I still respect him a lot as he was perfect and also my idol till now and I will always try to become as good a father as he was in those days.

First thing parents need to understand is that every child is different in this world and has his own likings and dislikings.Though life has become more complex and raising a child is not an easy task anymore.But parents should tell their children to have a great vision and mission and encourage them to pursue their dreams and following the right path and teaching them values and ethics in life.Their selfless love and being mentor in their life will help them to find their way in the darkness and to unleash the talent hidden in them.

Many times our thought do not match with young generations.We often feel embarrased when some TV shows show certain scene which are not good for children.At that point instead of hiding our face or changing the topic,we should be more mature and discuss with them about why that was not appropriate for them and what is right and wrong.We should be open to handle their questions.We should give them education and aware them in right way.Bullying and raging is issue in this country and therefore as parents should support our children and send kids to undergo a self-defense course from reputed training academy so that they can be self reliance in facing issues while living in hostel.Proper way to explain them is very important to encourage our children to share their views.

Other tips which might help you to open up with your child are given here- There are many other articles on parenting in this site

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Safeguarding phone from Children

Smartphones are must essential for everyone and they have lot of benefits.Mobile nowadays is not only limited to calling and listening music, it is not also limited to taking blur pictures but it has become a small companion or a personal assistant in the daily life of everyone, it contains everything from professional apps which help reduce the ease of doing work to even some good games which help to refresh the mind and reduce the daily stress level caused due to work.I am using a touch screen phone but this is my third phone because last two phones were damaged by my children and I had to buy a new one.Children often like gadgets and want to play with them but does not care about them.I like this interesting article which helps me to tackle my children and help to safeguard my phone which is third phone for me.

It talks about rules.I know this may look rude but it is quite important in life as this make them have your fear in their mind which is very much important as it helps them to move on the right path throughout their lives but I agree that children should have the habit of seeking your permission for even touching your private things.Nowadays, smart phones are so well designed specially as far as the privacy and security of the phone is concerned. There are a lot of features in the mobiles today which help it from keeping away even from the tech-savvy people forget that your children can hack into the phone.I am thinking of using a password for my phone now and also may be download a specialised applications from the app store which can be easily installed and help in keeping the phone safe.Also, inbuilt password protection help to protect the phone from opening, you are not allowed more than making security calls with such tight protection features. These features can generally be turned on by scrolling the setting and then search for privacy or security option in it.

Though these apps are good but what if by chance the security of your phone fails.I like the author view who has caution its users to have at least a backup of the phone so that your data is still secure as the children may not intentionally want to cause damage but by chance they can delete some important files or may also even lead to damage the physical hardware of the phone which can further cause loosing away important information and data.Along with proper backing up the phone with all data saved in a memory card which is kept safe and perfect password protection, both inbuilt and app lock helps to keep the phone safe and secure from your children.I am going to order a  back cover now to protect the physical damage to the mobile which can be caused anytime.Now I have a hope that my third phone will be safe for some time.Thanks to this awesome post in

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Giving Direction to Sibling Harmony

Being a father puts often lot of responsibilities on my shoulder but God also gives the great power of love to handle them. However, one of the most biggest problems faced in one of the world`s most cutest relationship is that sometimes it becomes difficult to take sides between two of your own children. It is the scene in which a person is not even able to take the right side and even not able to say the wrong as the wrong thing.Well this happens when a conflict arises between my two siblings.It is the scene of great complications and should be handled with utmost smartness and care, as taking any one`s side makes the other one feel that you don`t care for him, well it is one of the most difficult situation for a parent as I previously mentioned. Even if a child is wrong he may not understand this fact but would first feel dishearten that his own parent is not standing with him. Even if I try to straightaway make them feel that they are wrong there is a risk that they will still think that they are not being cared and hence arises the need to work smartly.

I like to handle this complex issue in simple way.This can be done, simply by first making the wrong person feel that he is right so that now he gets relaxed and then make him think about the situation and understand the point of view of the correct person. Then he will automatically feel that even if his parent is with him he is wrong and soon he realises his mistake in the mind, now if the parent switches the sides smartly telling the wrong one that he is the culprit the wrong one has the ability and strength to accept his mistakes.My advice is that we should make the children live together in harmony since their childhood so that they are able to accept their mistakes even in the smallest of the conflicts and prevent it from turning into a fight. This can be done by making a child feel the value of the other sibling in his own life, not only they share the same blood but also their hearts should beat for each other`s need.According to me, true relationship are those in which people share no materialistic benefits and still care from the hearts for each other. Everyone might not get this by birth but if we try to make it possible it is not that difficult to achieve.

I shared my personal experience but you can get more ideas by visiting this link below.

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Household odours Issue

We all love our sweet home and it gives immense pleasure to stay at home and enjoy with family. There is no beautiful place than our home and it is like heaven to me. Spending time with family give me sense of enjoyment. I feel happy when people visit my home and getting good comments from them regarding my home is always special. I feel great about it but then also odour and smell is still a big issue in our house. There are numerous odours coming from different dimensions of the house. You know the pungent smell coming from the toilet and bathroom early in the morning and the only way to get rid of this issue is use disinfectant spray and some odour repellent like Ambi pur.We all know that human urine can emit an ammonia-like odour and so we need clean the toilet regularly. Garbage smell is so stinky and can disturb you from doing work at home. There is a need to clean and disinfect garbage can from both indoor and outdoor garbage at least one a week or early as possible. There can be foul smell coming from the kitchen due to stale food or food left over for some days. In such a way the easy way is to use some silk cloth and put vinegar liquid on it and then take it around the kitchen area and swing it all over. People often use baking soda to avoid certain pungent smells which can remove food doors. There can be smell while cooking food or making a dish and then best way to eliminate it is to open all the windows and turn out the ventilation system present in the home. Exhaust fans help to get fresh air in the house and it sucks out the bad smell. Activated charcoal reduces doors and prevents its formation as it acts as a natural odour absorber and neutralizer in many things.

We should use cotton balls In case of winter clothes which are packed for months so that is absorbs the entire odour and it feels fresh. While cleaning the refrigerator is important but there can be still certain smell which can put you off and so little amount of baking soda should be kept nearby to absorb the bad odour plus keep it will help to keep food fresh and odourless. It is quite weird but people use Vodka along with water will take away the bad odour from their bed room. Such quick tips can really help out to keep house odour free.

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My boss as my Guest

I still remember that day when I have invited my boss for a dinner at my home as I was in love with her daughter so both food and environment had to be above expectations as my love and career was at stake. Well I had been planning for this day since last few months and every day I used to search for my boss likes in food so finally I concluded to have homemade butter chicken for him and also spent huge amount in decorating my home by getting new furniture, matching curtains and dining table set. Well not just money, I also prepared my parents on how and what to talk with him and also shared his liking. Finally when that fateful day came, I was so much tense and was getting same feeling which I felt at the time of my secondary and senior secondary school results. I woke up and first thing I did was went to temple and prayed to God for providing me good luck and bless me for succeeding in this goal and then went to chicken shop where I felt that this butter chicken will be bait for getting my boss as his daughter told me about his immense love for butter chicken since his childhood. Well I talked to his daughter and she assured me that everything will be fine but I still remember the way my boss looked at me and he caught both of us few weeks back at a mall in New Delhi, at the end she asked me to make sure that chicken should be perfect and there should not be any odour and he just can’t tolerate any odour, though I didn’t know how to proceed but at the end of the call I assured that I would do my best and looking forward to marry her as soon as possible.I went to local market to get some fruits as asked by my mother but when I returned I was shocked to observe huge odor in the house and originating from kitchen due to cooking of butter chicken and my guests were supposed to arrive in next half an hour, I quickly opened the door, windows and also started the exhaust fan however it was of no use than my father told me to relax and gave me AmbiPur and within ten minutes the air once again felt fresh and soon my boss with his daughter arrived and everything went smoothly and both parents agreed and gave go ahead to our relationship. Thanks to AmbiPur.

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Wish to #HugMyDad

Father plays an essential role in one`s life. They are the role model who gives shape to the newly born infant to become good person in the society. They play the role of the guardian and also are decision takers in the initial stages. In the male predominant society of India, fathers play a critical role in the all round development of the child. Fathers play a harsh role and help the child to identify the difference between the right and the wrong. I salute to all the fathers and remember their importance in our lives and celebrate “FATHER`S DAY” on every third Sunday of June.

This year, we will celebrate it on 21st   June 2015, and I wish he was present with me and I could try to make this day a special one for my dad. He was the best father in the world and this was because we had a mutual understanding in between us which strengthened the bond of our relationship. We enjoyed each other`s presence on every auspicious moment of our lives. I was totally frank with him as there is nothing in my life that I did not share with my dad. I still respect him a lot as he was perfect and also my idol till now and I will always try to become as good a father as he was in those days.

My father was a perfect manager, as he could manage the time well and would give time to both the family and his work. He was a man of resolute honour and has taught me many things in life and that is the reason I admire him a lot. Every father wishes that their child succeed in life and become a responsible person, similarly I often saw my father sacrificing his present for my future so that I can prosper in life. He was my real superhero as what he has done for me is something that everyone cannot.

He deserves a big hug from me this father`s day but unfortunately I am not the lucky son. If he was present today then I would have given the hug to him as he was someone who sacrificed his entire life for us. It is true that we may not understand that feeling of care and devote until we ourselves will be placed in the same situation. All I can do now is make a video from my side with a special tribute outlined so that I make him feel proud and happy for everything he did for us. I am sure this father`s day video by me would make a remarkable moment for me and my father who is close to God. I hope it would be a fun for my dad too and help him forget about the daily life tensions. I am again thankful to my father in for his great love and wish him a very happy Father`s Day and hug from heart.

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