Travel Journey with Full of Entertainment

We had hired a Volvo bus for a family trip to Goa and we were around twenty six member from various age groups and as hectic free holiday, we all decided to leave our laptop, mobiles and tabs at home. We started from Mumbai at night and it was rainy season so whole atmosphere was good with a feeling of great journey ahead however the very next morning when we woke up than we realized that bus audio system was not working and after travelling for few hours in morning, we were exposed to bright sunlight. Well this is just beginning as soon got stuck in huge traffic jam where normal person by walking could overtake our bus and with no further food and music it felt like staying at home was much better option and then started the blame game where each member was blaming each other for reasons like wrong destination selection, wrong transport mode selected, wrong timing for this trip etc. It was just the time when heat of this debate was to be escalated to next level when someone knock at the bus door ,we checked and suddenly the negative atmosphere of the bus changed to positive one with smiling faces of two young friends named  Allu Arjun and AnushkaManchanda.

They requested for a drop to some place near Goa as their taxi got breakdown,though normally we avoid strangers but somehow due to the positive vibe they brought with themselves, we invited them to join us.Well in just two hours they got mixed up with us and at the same time some of the children in the bus started crying but thanks to Anushka who opened her bag and started playing the latest hits songs of Bollywood and soon we had Allu who made some fast dance moves which matched with the beats of the song. The children started matching Allu moves and the boring bus changed into a dance floor and elders also joined the dance and whole atmosphere was so happening with elder couples dancing on the bus floor while kids were dancing on bus seats. Well the young girl who boarded our bus was none less than a professional DJ, her song mixes and sequence were so entertaining that we didn’t even recognize when we finished the traffic jam and in fact reached our destination. We thanked both of them before dropping them for making our journey so entertaining.

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