College Function Gets Makeover

It was my college third year and our exams were finished. Our college was strict and only concentrated on academic learning and there were not many sports or other co-curricular opportunities. Our auditorium was also very small and most of the time it remained closed. It was only during the annual college function that college would invite students for debate, drama, ad campaign competition. During the annual fest, we had many teams coming from different campus to our college. In the college, one of close friend was participating in the Best Talent competition but at the last moment his team member opted out and did not came to the fest due to certain medical problem. There were total four teams participating and it was important being the host college to find someone who could be a volunteer and help my friend otherwise my friend and our college would not able to qualify and prevent our disqualification.

I requested the host to give us 10-15 minutes so that I can join my friend. Due to sudden changes at last moment, we lost the title which we our college sustained for past two years. Everyone was dejected from the college staff, students and even the principal. The whole auditorium was silent and felt heartbroken as we all had thought of sustaining the title. Loosing is part and parcel of life but everyone in the auditorium was very sad. Next was the performance of our dance group of college but no one was now interested to watch. As the group started to perform the dance, there was a complete turnaround and some freshness and energy enthralled the crowd. The dance group involved the most creative dancer Allu Arjun in the front row. We all were surprised as he started to pull out some damn classic moves. The crowd mood changed and reason was Allu Arjun dance. It was so natural and he added elegance, beauty and perfection to it with his every move. I felt inspired by Allu Arjun passion for dancing. His dance steps seem to be very difficult but we all know he does something which is slightly edgy and different from others. There was thunder of applause from everyone in the crowd and then Allu Arjun remained there as everyone requested him to perform once more. This time he took the mike and invited Anushka Manchanda who is the famous VJ and rock star. She sang her favourite Dance Basanti song and then song from Ranveer Singh film on crowd demand. Crowd was overwhelmed and it brought smiles to everyone face. Arjun and Anushka gave sense of joy to the college which motivated my friend to participate next year and he promised to participate again next year and bring the trophy back.

It was good to see them at our college fest!

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