Time to #HugMyDad

My dad is very special who has given me everything from selfless love and being my mentor in my life. He is the one behind my strength and my key to happiness. My father was very kind and helpful by nature. He had a good memory and can recall the exact day and date of many special occasions. He never gave importance to money and would give money to every member of the family on their birthday or anniversary. He was the one who treated everyone equal in the family.

I have been very fortunate to have him in my life who has guided me to take the right decisions and help in believing in myself always. He has helped me to become self confident and gain success with hard work and dedication. I feel he is the best and I admire her very much and try to follow his moral values to get myself best life. I remember when dad used to came back from office in evening, he would ask me to read newspaper and explain the sentence in my own interpretation and if I could do it in the right way, then he would give me chocolate that day and would hug me tightly. Also he told me write 5 new words in English everyday from the dictionary which I felt offended and uninterested but now I realized its importance now and thankful to him for improving my vocabulary and grammar. I never thought that he was acting as a teacher for me as his ways were so different from traditional teaching unlike school. My father has been always there for me in every situation of my life and helping me to overcome my problems and giving me solutions.

My father presence is cause of the strong binding factor in the family. Everyone thinks about and make someone him as a role model. For me it is my father and he is also my friend and my inspiration for this position of role model. No one can take the place of my father in my life.

Here is a small tribute to him.

My father is no more with us today but still I remember him every occasion when we hugged each other and did so many things together. I wish he could be here again with us and I can give him tight hug. Father’s day is the perfect opportunity to hug your dad today and show our love and respect for him. I say it again one hug can do wonder to him.Go for it!

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”


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