Wish to #HugMyDad

Father plays an essential role in one`s life. They are the role model who gives shape to the newly born infant to become good person in the society. They play the role of the guardian and also are decision takers in the initial stages. In the male predominant society of India, fathers play a critical role in the all round development of the child. Fathers play a harsh role and help the child to identify the difference between the right and the wrong. I salute to all the fathers and remember their importance in our lives and celebrate “FATHER`S DAY” on every third Sunday of June.

This year, we will celebrate it on 21st   June 2015, and I wish he was present with me and I could try to make this day a special one for my dad. He was the best father in the world and this was because we had a mutual understanding in between us which strengthened the bond of our relationship. We enjoyed each other`s presence on every auspicious moment of our lives. I was totally frank with him as there is nothing in my life that I did not share with my dad. I still respect him a lot as he was perfect and also my idol till now and I will always try to become as good a father as he was in those days.

My father was a perfect manager, as he could manage the time well and would give time to both the family and his work. He was a man of resolute honour and has taught me many things in life and that is the reason I admire him a lot. Every father wishes that their child succeed in life and become a responsible person, similarly I often saw my father sacrificing his present for my future so that I can prosper in life. He was my real superhero as what he has done for me is something that everyone cannot.

He deserves a big hug from me this father`s day but unfortunately I am not the lucky son. If he was present today then I would have given the hug to him as he was someone who sacrificed his entire life for us. It is true that we may not understand that feeling of care and devote until we ourselves will be placed in the same situation. All I can do now is make a video from my side with a special tribute outlined so that I make him feel proud and happy for everything he did for us. I am sure this father`s day video by me would make a remarkable moment for me and my father who is close to God. I hope it would be a fun for my dad too and help him forget about the daily life tensions. I am again thankful to my father in for his great love and wish him a very happy Father`s Day and hug from heart.

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”


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