Household odours Issue

We all love our sweet home and it gives immense pleasure to stay at home and enjoy with family. There is no beautiful place than our home and it is like heaven to me. Spending time with family give me sense of enjoyment. I feel happy when people visit my home and getting good comments from them regarding my home is always special. I feel great about it but then also odour and smell is still a big issue in our house. There are numerous odours coming from different dimensions of the house. You know the pungent smell coming from the toilet and bathroom early in the morning and the only way to get rid of this issue is use disinfectant spray and some odour repellent like Ambi pur.We all know that human urine can emit an ammonia-like odour and so we need clean the toilet regularly. Garbage smell is so stinky and can disturb you from doing work at home. There is a need to clean and disinfect garbage can from both indoor and outdoor garbage at least one a week or early as possible. There can be foul smell coming from the kitchen due to stale food or food left over for some days. In such a way the easy way is to use some silk cloth and put vinegar liquid on it and then take it around the kitchen area and swing it all over. People often use baking soda to avoid certain pungent smells which can remove food doors. There can be smell while cooking food or making a dish and then best way to eliminate it is to open all the windows and turn out the ventilation system present in the home. Exhaust fans help to get fresh air in the house and it sucks out the bad smell. Activated charcoal reduces doors and prevents its formation as it acts as a natural odour absorber and neutralizer in many things.

We should use cotton balls In case of winter clothes which are packed for months so that is absorbs the entire odour and it feels fresh. While cleaning the refrigerator is important but there can be still certain smell which can put you off and so little amount of baking soda should be kept nearby to absorb the bad odour plus keep it will help to keep food fresh and odourless. It is quite weird but people use Vodka along with water will take away the bad odour from their bed room. Such quick tips can really help out to keep house odour free.

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur


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