My boss as my Guest

I still remember that day when I have invited my boss for a dinner at my home as I was in love with her daughter so both food and environment had to be above expectations as my love and career was at stake. Well I had been planning for this day since last few months and every day I used to search for my boss likes in food so finally I concluded to have homemade butter chicken for him and also spent huge amount in decorating my home by getting new furniture, matching curtains and dining table set. Well not just money, I also prepared my parents on how and what to talk with him and also shared his liking. Finally when that fateful day came, I was so much tense and was getting same feeling which I felt at the time of my secondary and senior secondary school results. I woke up and first thing I did was went to temple and prayed to God for providing me good luck and bless me for succeeding in this goal and then went to chicken shop where I felt that this butter chicken will be bait for getting my boss as his daughter told me about his immense love for butter chicken since his childhood. Well I talked to his daughter and she assured me that everything will be fine but I still remember the way my boss looked at me and he caught both of us few weeks back at a mall in New Delhi, at the end she asked me to make sure that chicken should be perfect and there should not be any odour and he just can’t tolerate any odour, though I didn’t know how to proceed but at the end of the call I assured that I would do my best and looking forward to marry her as soon as possible.I went to local market to get some fruits as asked by my mother but when I returned I was shocked to observe huge odor in the house and originating from kitchen due to cooking of butter chicken and my guests were supposed to arrive in next half an hour, I quickly opened the door, windows and also started the exhaust fan however it was of no use than my father told me to relax and gave me AmbiPur and within ten minutes the air once again felt fresh and soon my boss with his daughter arrived and everything went smoothly and both parents agreed and gave go ahead to our relationship. Thanks to AmbiPur.

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur


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