Right Steps to Talk to Children

Parents plays an essential role in one`s life. They are the role model who gives shape to the newly born infant to become good person in the society. They play the role of the guardian and also are decision takers in the initial stages. In the male predominant society of India, fathers do play a critical role in the all round development of the child.I have been very fortunate to have parents in my life who have guided me to take the right decisions and help in believing in myself always. They have been great inspiration for me and I can share everything with them without any hesitation at any time of the day.I was totally frank with him as there is nothing in my life that I did not share with my dad. I still respect him a lot as he was perfect and also my idol till now and I will always try to become as good a father as he was in those days.

First thing parents need to understand is that every child is different in this world and has his own likings and dislikings.Though life has become more complex and raising a child is not an easy task anymore.But parents should tell their children to have a great vision and mission and encourage them to pursue their dreams and following the right path and teaching them values and ethics in life.Their selfless love and being mentor in their life will help them to find their way in the darkness and to unleash the talent hidden in them.

Many times our thought do not match with young generations.We often feel embarrased when some TV shows show certain scene which are not good for children.At that point instead of hiding our face or changing the topic,we should be more mature and discuss with them about why that was not appropriate for them and what is right and wrong.We should be open to handle their questions.We should give them education and aware them in right way.Bullying and raging is issue in this country and therefore as parents should support our children and send kids to undergo a self-defense course from reputed training academy so that they can be self reliance in facing issues while living in hostel.Proper way to explain them is very important to encourage our children to share their views.

Other tips which might help you to open up with your child are given here-https://www.rewardme.in/family/child-and-you/article/6-tips-for-parent-child-conversations There are many other articles on parenting in this site https://www.rewardme.in/family/family-living.

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