Romantic Ideas for Common Man

Every girl loves jewellery and specially gold necklace and diamond rings.I have been married for so many years now and last time I gifted her gold bangles was few years back.In February,it is our anniversary and gifting her another expensive gift is certainly not in mind and I would be rather go with perfect surprise gift which suits my budget and gives her more joy.She is someone who has given me everything from selfless love and being my mentor in my life. I am talking here about my wife who is the one behind my strength and my key to happiness. She is very kind and helpful by nature. She has a good memory and could recall the exact day and date of many special occasions. She never gave importance to money and that is why I want to spend a day with her in romantic manner and ofcourse on a budget.

I like this article from section and I find it interesting and cool.In order to make it look romantic and cupid I have three plans in mind which I got from the article.

I will pick her up from her home in the evening and tell her that we are going to shopping mall. Then blindfold her in the car and then would be to take her to picnic spot where we started to date and met first time after college. I will hold her hand and take her to the exact spot where we often sit and talk to each other. I would surprise her by posting a heart shape banner on that tree with her name written all over it. I will make sure the tree is lit up with all the lights like in diwali festival. As we reach the spot, I would ask her to remove the cloth and before she could even think about it, I will get down on one knee and give her the gold ring with promise to be the tree of her life and be with her forever.This will costs bery less and will be great romantic occassion for both of us.

My second way would be ask her to meet my friends at a dining restaurant and would plan up everything before she comes to the reataurant.I would ask my friends to hold the board with letters “Will you merry me ” written on it and ask one of them to record this special moment. As she enters the restaurant, I would give her a welcome by singing a song for her and then in front of everyone and ask my friends to hold the banner to her and raise a toast with gold ring in it.My last plan to propose her would be to take a wild route and surprise her with amusement park rides and having fun together.I would grab her hand as the ride takes off the ground and then after the rides,I would walk with her and give her my love letter expressing my emotions.

“I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.”


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