Safeguarding phone from Children

Smartphones are must essential for everyone and they have lot of benefits.Mobile nowadays is not only limited to calling and listening music, it is not also limited to taking blur pictures but it has become a small companion or a personal assistant in the daily life of everyone, it contains everything from professional apps which help reduce the ease of doing work to even some good games which help to refresh the mind and reduce the daily stress level caused due to work.I am using a touch screen phone but this is my third phone because last two phones were damaged by my children and I had to buy a new one.Children often like gadgets and want to play with them but does not care about them.I like this interesting article which helps me to tackle my children and help to safeguard my phone which is third phone for me.

It talks about rules.I know this may look rude but it is quite important in life as this make them have your fear in their mind which is very much important as it helps them to move on the right path throughout their lives but I agree that children should have the habit of seeking your permission for even touching your private things.Nowadays, smart phones are so well designed specially as far as the privacy and security of the phone is concerned. There are a lot of features in the mobiles today which help it from keeping away even from the tech-savvy people forget that your children can hack into the phone.I am thinking of using a password for my phone now and also may be download a specialised applications from the app store which can be easily installed and help in keeping the phone safe.Also, inbuilt password protection help to protect the phone from opening, you are not allowed more than making security calls with such tight protection features. These features can generally be turned on by scrolling the setting and then search for privacy or security option in it.

Though these apps are good but what if by chance the security of your phone fails.I like the author view who has caution its users to have at least a backup of the phone so that your data is still secure as the children may not intentionally want to cause damage but by chance they can delete some important files or may also even lead to damage the physical hardware of the phone which can further cause loosing away important information and data.Along with proper backing up the phone with all data saved in a memory card which is kept safe and perfect password protection, both inbuilt and app lock helps to keep the phone safe and secure from your children.I am going to order a  back cover now to protect the physical damage to the mobile which can be caused anytime.Now I have a hope that my third phone will be safe for some time.Thanks to this awesome post in

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