Baby Care with Oil

The great Shakespeare described the seven stages in this show of life. According to him the first one was the “INFANT”. This is the stage when a person is born and is a small baby and as we all know that with great power comes great responsibility.It is a big responsibility that comes on the shoulder of the parents too as they have to take extra care of the baby so that the new brain gets to become strong both mentally as well as physically. For the development of the body it is very important to give massage using appropriate oil. Giving massage helps in making the blood flow better and also helps making the muscles stronger so that they get developed easily.

Also using oil for giving massage is very good for the baby as it makes him feel that someone is near him and so the baby feels secure and does not get scared from the unknown new world around it. This helps in giving a good and proper sleep to the body which helps in developing the body as soon as possible.It also sets the tone for bonding and love between baby and the parent.

There are a lot of oils present in the market and anyone can use the type oil that is best suited for their baby. However, using any oil randomly by your own wish would be a foolish thing. It is strictly advised to use oil which is good for the health of the baby. Every type of oil like almond oil, olive oil and coconut oil has their own characteristics which help in developing the body in a specific way.Oil only plays a very major role in developing the organs of the body. It has a very crucial role even in developing the muscles of the body. Even in grownups the famous fighter and traditional Kabaddi players are observed to give their body a regular massage as oil helps in making the muscles tighter to increase their explosive strength and help the muscles to deliver high power even in the conditions of getting fatigued.Every oil is rich in 1 type of ingredients and also contains hundreds of other in small quantity when we combine them they have a long lasting effect on our body and childhood is the best stage which can absorb these helpful ingredients as at this stage the body is fresh and raw. So I think you all would have understood the necessity of giving oil massage to the baby.

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