My #FirstLove with Baby

Few days back I met my friend mother, we both got into a casual chit chat. I asked her formally that how she managed to get her baby so fit and healthy as compared to the other babies. She smiled and answered me back that it just a matter to give your baby some time and proper massage session.Getting amazed to her answer I further asked her how a massage could be so helpful in a baby’s growth. She firmly replied me and enhanced my knowledge that parents usually took their baby massage session quite lightly while it’s a very important task as at this premature state the baby is fully dependent on his parents.She further told that baby massage session is an important time for both the baby and as well as for the parent too. Massaging a baby helps an infant in developing him faster as it develops brain, helps in digestion, helps in blood circulation and in a lot more things.Natural ingredients like almond, coconut or olives make the oil as first choice for all mothers while doing massage.

I got curious and further asked that how it all should get started and how to initiate it properly. She answered me that all the help you can get is from your doctor and the baby himself. Firstly, one should start massaging a baby when one is capable to hand him properly and we should follow the cues of baby by understanding his mood to get him massaged. By consulting to a doctor one should ask about the proper oil which suites the baby’s skin as all the baby’s have different type of skins , some of the good choices are almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil and apricot oil. Also, it is necessary to take proper massaging classes or to watch online videos for that. And at last she added that besides giving a massage spending some precious time with your baby would definitely help him to grow healthy and strong.She further tells to me that using baby oil is not just restricted to babies but everyone should use oil as daily use of it helps to keep the skin soft and glowing.It really helps in baby growth through faster bone formation and natural ingredients in the oil keep the skin protective from chemicals and allergies.

After listening to all her advice I thanked her for sharing her knowledge and experience with me. Hope all the readers will get to know about the importance of baby massage through this article.

“I am participating in the #FirstLove activity at BlogAdda in association withDabur.


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