Look for #MaxFreshMove

I felt quite good that my power of dance brought up so many hopes and happiness in so many lives. I am not a professional dancer and personally advice all my readers that to always dance to express and not to impress and then see how the whole world falls for you.Just a few weeks back I went to Greenfield Orphanage in my city to interact with the not so fortune children and asked them if they all like dancing?” I shouted to the crowd of almost 100 children but there was a little or no response.I then thought to do something for them so that they could atleast get some fun and have smile on their face and best thing I know was to dance.


I started dancing on the famous music track ‘Hold My Hand’ by Michael Jackson in famous dancer Allu Arjun style which I had came to know after seeing his moves on #MaxFreshMove recently.As I started to show some moves,the crowd slowly started to gain some momentum and to my surprise some even joined me. That was really wonderful to see how small children trying to copy the king of POP and Moon Walk. I then took out my trump card that were some amazing moves like tweeting which amazed all the audience, they probably have watched it for the first time. And by looking them so surprised, I probably felt that the gravity defying step will took all their sorrows away and would full their hearts with amazement. After that dancing session all the children rushed towards me asking me whether I could teach them some great moves. Seeing the enthusiasm in them I gave them a nod and I gave one of my best classes teaching those orphanage kids.


All those moves by talented Allu has brought so much smiles and I feel happy now to follow him.His video is really great and dance moves sets up the perfect way to optimize a dull environment with energy and freshness.I really saw the passion of dancing in those little eyes who want to show the world that they were not the left out part of the society. After going through many dance training with me I found out that there were few children among all that have so much potential in dance that they can be the professional one.It was one of the best day for me and I feel more attracted to Allu Arjun now.


“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda in association with Colgate MaxFresh


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