Common symptoms of new born baby and solutions in India

A new born baby is very delicate and with no means to convey their problems, only thing they do is cry and parents gets more worried for them as they are not able to figure out what’s the problem is and what should they do. Well doctors know this is normal and will happen to most babies but never advise same to new mothers on delivery as they want to fill their already over-filled pockets.

Symptom # 1 : Baby not feeding

Baby often gets nose blockage due to change in season

What will baby do? They will cry more when they feel hungry as during feeding they won’t be able to take milk as mouth will be used for breathing due to nose blockage, so they will try multiple times to put their mouth for mother feed but every time after few seconds they will push themselves away to breathe.

Another way to verify this by checking their sleep as during sleep they will make snoring sound or some sound from nose if nose is partially block.

Solution # Give them 2 drops of “Nasoclear” cost approx. Rs20 in each nose (at gap of at least 6 hrs, if no result than check with doctor)

Symptom # 2 : Vomiting

Babies might vomit soon after feeding, this is normal but if it is happening regularly and quite frequently and babies are crying as their tummy is not getting filled due to vomiting than do following :

Solution #

1)after feeding hold them in standing position with their head on your shoulder for some time and pat them on their back multiple times while holding

2)If still issue persists than try giving “Domstal” cost approx.. RS 34 (at gap of at least 12 hrs, if no result than check with doctor)

Symptom # 3 : Baby not sleeping

Babies often have gas issues as same is accumulated in them while inhaling air during feeding. The signs will be they will cry a lot in huge volume before and after feeding and while crying their face will turn red.

Solution #.Give them 3 drops of “Colimex” cost approx.. RS 25 (at gap of at least 8 hrs., if no result than check with doctor)

Symptom # 2 and Symptom # 3 is due to use of artificial milk as we all knows that mother milk is best for the baby but still due to our laziness and ease of artificial milk we all continue to give it to babies.

If you like the post and it helped in saving your money on doctor visits who prescribed same medicines for above symptoms than please do send feedback and whatever money you saved ,just go and have glass bottle for your baby rather than plastic/ polypropylene bottle.


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