My best and cute sister

Memories of childhood with sibling stay forever in our life and we cherish it many times in our life.I still remember when I was six years old, I used to cry in front of my parents that I also need a brother or sister as all the neighbor kids were busy with their brothers and sisters while I was alone being a single kid to my parents but soon my wish was fulfilled as I was gifted with a baby sister. I was so happy that day when I heard this great news and ever since than our brother sister bond has been getting stronger and stronger. We both used to have our food together and I remember she used to wait for me when am late from extra classes during school time or with hangout with friends. She used to scold me for small things and highlight the importance of those small things though at that time I used to ignore her but later I do appreciate her.

Our rakhi celebration and session used to be unique as she always demanded new gifts and never except cash from me so it used to be difficult and I have to innovate and search for new gifts for her but the good thing about her was that she never complained of any gift and always thanked me for each and every gift I have given to her. She always cared for me and many times she used to prepare my favorite dishes for me despite some of the dishes, she did not like herself. We both support each other a lot and on many occasions we both have motivated each other from school exams to fight with friends or sharing each other pocket money. Well her support has been immense for me but on one special occasion she did helped me was finding my right life partner as she used to ask multiple questions regarding my likes and expectations for my life partner which made me think a lot in that direction due to which I was able to identify my right life partner, she also helped in convincing our parents on two big occasions one being opting for studies in Europe and other being getting married there as being a typical Hindu Indian family, my parents were not so open minded about sending me away from them but with her support all that was made possible and my life got changed. It’s very difficult to imagine my life without my sister.This is the reason I admire her the most and I want to tell everyone that #MySiblingRocks.

This Raksha bhandan,look out gifting option on & and make your sibling happy with surprises.


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