Living to Expectations

The real life starts when you become a father and have greater responsibilities in life.The best day in life was when my son was born and when I brought him to our home.We all know that new born baby is very delicate and with no means to convey their problems, only thing they do is cry and parents gets more worried for them as they are not able to figure out what’s the problem is and what should they do. Well doctors know this is normal and will happen to most babies but never advise same to new mothers on delivery as they want to fill their already over-filled pockets.I am very thankful to my aunt who was there with us for more than one month just to take care of my baby and give right advice in absence of my wife who was still in the hospital due to medical issues.I would not able to handle my new born baby without her constant advise and it is due to her that I was able to live up to my expectations and be a responsible father.

Her small advise and precautions helped me a lot to handle baby.She would tell that baby often gets nose blockage due to change in season They will cry more when they feel hungry as during feeding they won’t be able to take milk as mouth will be used for breathing due to nose blockage, so they will try multiple times to put their mouth for mother feed but every time after few seconds they will push themselves away to breathe.Next person was my neighborhood friend and doctor who told me way to make babies sleep and make them comfortable.He gave me symbols and signs which helped me a lot in initial stages.I would advice all parents who have a baby to try to devote maximum time with the child.

I still remember that my brother in law advice which has brought me success in life that we should be independent and hard work.His words still makes me very motivated and I consider those golden lines as a way to get success in life.

I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda.


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