#SachchiAdvice that changed life!

It is always good to tell the truth and give honest advice being a parent and as a father.I love my children but it does not mean that I should be partial to them and speak always positive about them.It is my duty to give them directions and assistance and to take the right side and restrict them from the wrong thing.

My mother always tell me that life is challenging and there can be scene of great complications which should be handled with utmost smartness and care.We must be practical rather than emotional and as taking any one`s side makes the other one feel that you don`t care for him.It is one of the most difficult situation for a parent and I always keep this in mind when handling my children. My mother has given me million dollar advice that we should handle all complex issue in simple way.This can be done, simply by first making the wrong person feel that he is right so that now he gets relaxed and then make him think about the situation and understand the point of view of the correct person. Then he will automatically feel his mistake and realise his mistake in the mind.My advice is that we should make the children live together in harmony since their childhood so that they are able to accept their mistakes even in the smallest of the conflicts and prevent it from turning into a fight. This can be done by making a child feel the value of the other sibling in his own life, not only they share the same blood but also their hearts should beat for each other`s need.According to me, true relationship are those in which people share no materialistic benefits and still care from the hearts for each other. Everyone might not get this by birth but if we try to make it possible it is not that difficult to achieve.

Our attitude and respect for other people brings good relationship in life.Earlier I used to avoid talking to poor people but after advice from my father,now I have more respect and this learning in life has given me idea to handle team and manage it.

I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda.


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