#KnowYourRights against sexual violence


Woman empowerment and security is one of the rising issues and there is still lot more to be done about it. We hear from people from other countries where are so much strict rules and laws against people who commit sexual crimes. In some of the countries, the punishment is so harsh and they are hanged till death. Such kind of punishments are good in some sense as they bring some sort of fear among the people and they think before doing such sexual violence act. This is the primary reason that we do not hear much about any sexual violence in other countries and while on the other side; our laws are not very strict and have not been amended from long time. There is urgent need to change the rules and bring in more empowerment for such laws and fast track results to pending cases.

Women in India are still not aware about the rules and regulations set by the government and this is one of the reasons that many such sex violence acts go unreported. Many times the victim is under so much of pressure and tries to stay silent in order to save family from the embarrassment which comes with it. Then the accused tries to take advantage of this weak situation of the victim and indulge in more sexual acts.

It is the right time now to step up and encourage all the people to fight against sexual violence. The first reason is to take strict action against the culprit and punish him for his wrongdoing acts of sexual act. This punishment will be the key to justice to the victim in some form and act as revenge for it. The victim suffers lot of stress in terms of physical and emotional distress and this is mandatory that getting a fair justice. We should report such acts so that victim remains safe and fearless. The perpetrator will also get a strong message and will not disturb the victim in the future. There will be end to the torture and no more suffering for the victim. A small step of dialling the police number will alert the government bodies and media which will help to save lives of other people. Government bodies can also further come into action and provide counselling and medical assistance to that person who is victim and it may save his or her life. It will further give the confidence to the person to stay more alert and active in the future and protect from being a victim again.

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Speak Up Please


We all know women security issue is one of the biggest menace faced by our country.There are so many incidents and recently sexual harassment incident in Delhi has brought shame to the country. It’s time to stand up and help the women to fight for their rights. Being a responsible citizen, it is my duty to make people aware about why sexual violence and case should be given importance and victim must be treated with respect and all efforts must be made to give protection and work towards taking action against the accused person.

3 reasons to encourage reporting sexual violence are:

1. Punishment to the accused person

Sexual violence cannot be tolerated in any form and the person who is being molested has all rights to live in this world and get the justice. The law governing council under the effective panel code must punish the person for such an act and give the punishment which can be idol for the whole society. It should be done in order to install confidence in people and they can walk freely on road without fear. It is important also so that people can believe and have faith in the judgement system of the government

  1. Victim Fear Eviction

Any such act of sexual violence or stalking in any form must be reported at first instance without any fear or hesitation. This will alert the person who is trying to indulge in such activities and make him feel insecure and alert him of the consequences. Such steps at early stages can give the victim confidence and prevent from getting sexual abuse in future and present times.

  1.  Stress free and good life

Victim goes through lot of ups and downs after having gone through trauma of sexual harassment. It can disturb the victim normal life and lead to problems in keeping his body fit and healthy. There is physical and mental trauma and by reporting this issue, person can get suitable treatment.

My advice to people is that if you are feeling danger, you can scream and shout loudly for bringing attention of people on the road and passers by or people around you. We should not wait for any exploitation but rather we must contact immediately to our well wishers in case of emergency within seconds. In the end, my advice to all my readers is to stay alert, keep safe, and look out for your security. Do not be late and raise your voice to bring the accused person behind the bars.

“I’m writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s#KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda. You can also contribute to the cause by donating or spreading the word.”