One Rule One Way

Since the time of The French Revolution gender inequality towards women has been an issue of discussion. Women has always been regarded as the weak and their only contribution in society is considered by doing all the household activities. God made us all equal but human insanity divided the world on the basis of gender and made the female counterpart suffer. And women being physically weak couldn’t raise their voice against their suppression and even today continue to suffer in the world. If we consider the present scenario, most of the household chores are performed by women in the houses. Even in our own homes, we see that we are dependent on our mothers/sisters for fulfilling our basic needs. So what we need to do? Are these conditions which are almost true in every family is correct. Shouldn’t we raise a voice against it to alleviate the conditions? The time has come when we should give a deep thought to the conditions and take a measure step to bring about a change in the society.

If I speak truly, I myself feel guilty when I see my mother doing laundry for me when I myself is able to do that by my own. Spoon feeding is good but till only when we ourselves are not capable to enough to feed ourselves but the moment we become capable enough, we should only depend on ourselves for every basic or even small household work. God has made these females because they are supporters of men in every case whether it is good or bad but we men have become dominant over them, controlling their lives, making their decisions and behaving ourselves superior to them just because they a little weaker in physical strength.

Nowadays, there has been no field where women cannot beat men whether it is astronomy or teaching, medical practitioner or engineer, singer or dancer, in fact nowadays women have groomed some of the professional skills which only women can arrange for like interior decorator and hotel management.Now, it depends on us that for how long we want this gender game to be played in the hands of the society. The moment we all would truly wish this to end it would be the last moment when people would segregate each other on the basis of gender. No privileges, no domination and no sense of being superior among the people and this would surely lead to great development of the world.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.


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