Reducing the Sensitive Gap

Life in a country like India is really great, where people follow the things which are correct but some of the unborn traditions with time have taken shape such that mass followers of that do not possibly understand that the tradition itself is wrong. One of this greatest example is of the gender inequality in the society which has become the demon of humanity and development of the nation.Women are expected to be weak and not that capable of going outside the home to earn money and work for survival. Instead they are expected to stay at home and do the small odd jobs helping the males to focus on earning money only.

There are many wrong things in this system but one of the major ones include the decision of the lives of the new generation. Suppose that a girl wants to study ahead and want to do something big in life but according to this system her dream is buried under the sand of gender inequality and she is forced to feel that she is just capable to do small jobs only and going out is not meant for her.This theory applies at home too and we all should not ask other to clean our clothes or wash them.It is time to share the load with family.

The second main problem behind this is that we are killing the talent as it may happen that some girls are better than other boys in a particular field but know these girls are not given an opportunity to prove themselves better and this lead to obstacle in the development of the country.Third problem is that we males depend on females for even smallest of the household work which is so wrong that every person should be capable enough to at least fulfil their basic needs in life and not depend on any other person which may even be you mother or sister as they too deserve a chance to live their own life and to what they really want in life.

It is time to spread this wonderful message to everyone so that people understand the importance of this sensitive issue and something can be done regarding this as soon as possible. It is highly important that every person in this world deserves the right to individuality which states to make their own decisions, follow their own profession and life according to themselves and this is irrespective of gender so I hope it good and beneficial both for society and humanity.I hope that all my readers would have liked my views on this sensitive and interesting topic to talk about.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.



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