Jungle Jungle Pata Chala hai

I feel the childhood days are back whenever I get a chance to hear the famous title song of the movie “Jungle Jungle Pata Chala hai”.My heart wants to sing that song and it gives me goose bumps and I want to be like a child and singing it at the top of my voice. This song which does not have any logic but still connected to every child born in that era when we had very few cartoons and having a television was a luxury for us.

I remember my father brought me a jungle book and gifted me on my birthday when I was a little kid which was with me for many years and it was quite a precious gift for me at that time. I would watch the Mowgli cartoon and Jungle show on doordharshan with my cousin every sunday.We would love and cheer up when Mowgli which was my favourite character would help the wild animals and jump on the trees and fight out to become hero in the end. I still admire him the most and I still remember his fights with the lion named Shere Khan.Mowgli brave nature and his activeness would make me attract to him and I would try to act like him at times and make my hair comb similar to Mowgli.I would also play the Jungle story in my room with my friend and they would act like Baloo and Bagheera and we would play for hours. I would wish to climb the trees and be close to nature and do things like him. I also once asked my mother to give me a boomerang similar in Jungle book cartoon that I would carry to the school.

I still love to watch this story again on YouTube with my nephew as it does not come on television right now. It is Mowgli heroics moves and his love for animals and caring nature which I want to show to my nephew so that he can understand the importance of nature and animals in this world. It was quite a wish that I wanted to watch this movie “Jungle Jungle Pata Chala hai” for a long time on big screen and this happened only after so many years that I would be able to revive my Jungle and Mowgli move again. I am so much excited to see the fight with Shere Khan and friendship relationship of Mowgli again and it will be a great treat for me.

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