College education is not complete without working or taking the internship in any firm or company. It forms part of the partial fulfilment for the award of the degree at the end of the course. During the short internship programme had chance to implement my book learning to the practical applications. It also gave the perception to me about how the organisation functions are carried out and performed by people and what problems comes and role of managers and decision makers. I did many mistakes in that period but my senior was really patient with me and taught me everything ignoring my mistakes. He told me about corporate culture and dealing with people and office politics.I got to know so much things about good and bad things which can happen to you in the job.

As a part of project activity many office tasks were performed by me and it included checking the balance sheets, vouchers and cash receipt from different clients and vendors.I had to work from the ground up and working with labour and front line sales people.It was all about adjusting to reality where people work with team and do their work.I was told to co-ordinate with warehouse department for regular supply of material and inventory checking and then talking with the factory manager for stock update.This went for first few days and then I shifted to sales department which was more of my interest.I had to visit the market and meet the dealers and clients and build up the relationship with them for business development and growth.It was field operations job and one had to be active all time.All this work  was a great and memorable pleasure time for me and it honestly made me more strong and bold interacting with people from different field.I also gave my feedback about problems in the warehouse and how it can be detected early and treated to prevent wastage and cost reduction.

The idea about internship is really about learning and nothing else.I was not paid for my internship but still it made me a better person in life.Today students often want to know about the money and other benefits before taking the intership offer which is not bad at all but must see about the organisation and will it be benefit for them in the future or not.Overall Internship is excellent way to know about the working environment and taking the decision whether you have interest in that particular job and if it matches your passion.

“I’m sharing my first internship experience for the #MyInternTheory activity at BlogAdda in association with Intern Theory.”


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