#MyInternTheory of Life

Life is very challenging in the multinational companies and it becomes very difficult for young college boy to understand the situation and manipulate the situations to stay ahead of the game. The only answer is to get use to pressure situations and key problems by going through the stage of internship. Internship teaches you thing which cannot be experienced in college or through books. Companies are always looking for candidates who are ready to work and they have perception that the candidate coming out of college is ready to perform on the big stage where margins of errors are very less and there are too high expectations. Companies hire candidates and give them huge salaries and so they want the talent who have undergone practical training through internship.

Internship for me was part of my career and growth curve. My internship first day was kind of hell for me. It was raining and weather was windy. I reached the office and my clothes were already wet and peon guided me to my manager who was already waiting for me for more than thirty minutes. It was all screwed up and I had perception that he may knock me out of the project on the first day itself. I was nervous and very anxious during that moment but situation was completely different. The manager told me to just relax and be calm. He told to be having some coffee and gave me time to settle for the moment. I found the manager very supportive and took off all the pressure from me and understood my situation. It was his attitude and down to earth nature that made me understand about real life problems while working in the big company and how we should act to think of the solution to the problem.

I had to choose a project topic and I decided that my interest is more in marketing and branding. It is more towards finding about the consumer perception about the brands and its key gaps which leads to building the right strategy to build the brand. It was my luck that my professor also approved my project topic and he really played a key role in guidance, monitoring and encouragement throughout the project. I was given the chance to work under the marketing head of the company to find analyzed and understand the consumer perception. The project helped me to create awareness about company products and matching it with consumer choice trends.

“I’m sharing my first internship experience for the #MyInternTheory activity at BlogAdda in association with Intern Theory.”



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