Right to Relax

One of the most common problems in our country after corruption is related to safety of woman and their rights. It is about their freedom and chance to be considered as equal to men and get the opportunities in all the fields and sectors. It is great that our government has taken action to protect woman and pass rules with regulations which helps in woman empowerment and gender equality. I feel that it is not the duty of government to come into action but duty of all people of this country to change their approach and thinking. All these activities of change can be carried out if we start from early age. We all love our child and want them to get the best education and get best coaching in academics and become successful. This is one side of it and on other hand we must also take care that moral values and basics are taught to them with help of audio and video guides. Children are going to be the future of this nation and hence it is important that they give respect to woman from starting of their teenager stage.

Our home is the centre of learning and most of us get to learn from real life incident and experiences. Children must abide my rules made by their parent and should follow them strictly. They must be motivated and pushed up so that they can lend a helping hand in household work everyday. We cannot depend on single person for all the household chores and each member whether young or old must understand this point. Parents should also consider both their son and daughter as equal and no gender bias of any kind must be done. Household chores can be hectic sometimes when we have festival season or many guests arriving at home for certain special occassion.Single person mainly woman who takes the in charge of cooking dinner, washing utensils and other working for smooth movement of things can cause health issues like back pain and body pain. Children should be motivated by self so that he or she can at least perform simple operations like filling the empty water bottles or collecting clothes for laundry. Child can share the load by helping the mother during the weekend holiday and reduce her work. Child can help in cleaning the dining table and bringing the daily food items from the market. One thing to realize that home is all about togetherness and we must work in co-ordination and be together so that everyone is happy in the end.

I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Akshara at BlogAdda.


#ShareTheLoad Challenge

Parents are next to God and they are the well wishers.Every child is born the same but the upbringing and moral values makes him a good or a bad human being.It is all in the hands of the parents and how kids take it further in life.We all have our own views but certain things never change and it remains forever like our learning in childhood stage and certain habits.But still it is the duty of parents to show their child right path and give them the directions needed by them in their life.Parents style and following at home can become part of child daily routine and it may be right or wrong.Children usually observes the old people and try to copy them without thinking about the result.We all know that our female population take the charge of the household and do all kinds of household chores.It is seen that husband or old people usually try to demand or order things to their female counterpart and expect them to fulfill their desire at any cost.I have seen myself in my relatives house where my uncle does not want to go to kitchen and want to have glass of water served to him in the bed itself every time.

I feel it is not about being lazy but our old practices through the generation which is still intact somehow.The end result is that even my nehew took things for granted and started to order her mother for her books and toys.This continues and the woman in the house does not raise her voice or do something about it.She feels like serving her family and it is her moral obligation.I think this old tradition must be taken seriously  in order to stop it.We must abolish it from all means and woman must be given the chance to take rest and given the power to speak up in house regarding all matters.It is point of self respect and giving importance to woman power.We must end this gender inequality and discrimination on basis of gender or sex.Children of this generation should raise a campaign so that old people could realize their mistakes and learn from it.Small tasks like filling the water bottle or putting clothes in washing machine or laundry must be done by each member of family.There is no guilt in doing the household work and this is the main thing to understand and spread in the social environment.I would really like the idea if next generation thinks about giving time to household chores.

I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Akshara at BlogAdda.