Advice That Mattered

When I was a child I wanted many things from my life. I know that it is something common with everyone but still there was something different with me that I could not explain in words. My biggest dream was to live in a grand house which would be designed by me according to my needs and accessibility. I was a very hard working and determined child as I remember and I did almost everything from studying hard to getting selected in football teams so that I can earn some money and save it for my dream.

One day, I was sitting in the park which was just in front of my house. I was getting bored so I again thought of my dream and start visualizing it. After some time, when I had a basic idea of my house I started drawing a picture of it. It took me till evening to complete that drawing with colors and all. It was looking very beautiful and charming. I kept that picture very safely in some place and started to work harder to fulfill that dream. With time, as it passed I forgot about that picture due to growing up and various new things sharpening in life. But, I had not forgot my dream and still worked on turning it into a reality. Many years passed and I have got married. Now, I even have a son who is exactly the same age as I was when I made that drawing of the house. Unfortunately, I had misplaced that drawing until this morning when my son was looking for his toys in the store room where he found that drawing.

I was sitting in the garden of my house when he came rushing and showed me that drawing. My mouth stood wide open as I had almost forgotten about it but when I saw it, that house in the drawing was the one I was currently living in. I was shocked that it really happened and my hard work played for making my dream into a reality. I want to say that my friends, problems come and they go but one thing that will remain with you always is the sweet or bitter experiences and the dreams that will become a reality for those who never stop chasing them. You must get motivated by yourselves as one day you will become the one you want to be. It may take time but now I am able to fund my own house in the end which became a big bonus for me.

“I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.”


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