Heart is the key to life and everything in life is about goes with emotions and love.Without love and heart our life is not more worthy of living it.It is the key core of human existence and we all are connected to each other due to our heart and love for each other.I wanted to tell about why our heart is very important and how to make it grow stronger as your life progress with time.

I see many people suffer from heart attack just due to their family issues and personal problems.We must ensure that we have a very strong binding factor in the family and stay away from such home bound issues and do not take them at heart always.We should try to be happy for all the support and love god has given to us over the years.Mental disorders and mental stress or depression have affected heart of many people and it causes severe critical conditions.We should try to be simple and do not expect too much from anyone and take critic also in positive way.We should not be over thinking or brooding over the past and have a good frame of mind at all times.I see a relation between heart and mind and it can really affect the body.Counseling and mentoring should be done for such people so that they stay strong and never have much pressure.

We see in news about drug intake and use of such ban supplements by young children who are going to be the future of this nation and hence it is important that are given right advice to make them healthy and stop abusing their heart.The first thing is exercise.Exercise should be done by all and physical work is good technique for healthy heart and body.People who are obese and fat have more risk of heart related disease and prone to heart attacks.They must not overlook their body weight condition and try to reduce their weight to be within the prescribed limit.You must avoid taking bath in too much hot water  as it is not good for skin or heart at any time.You can use lukewarm for bathing purpose.We should also intake milk products as it really helps in body growth through faster bone formation and natural ingredients in the milk which keep the heart strong. Heart is very delicate and we must take any kind of heart condition as a very serious case and should not be taken likely if you are under any kind of such problem.One should not listen to anyone or ignore this concern but consult only doctors and professional for right advice related to heart issues

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”


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