Sibling love

It is such a good feeling when you have a younger or older sibling with you and you are not alone.You get to enjoy your childhood and share some awesome memories.You get to fight and cuddle each other many times in good and bad times.Then we have more parties and hangover movements too.It is good to be old and feel responsible when you have a small brother or sister and you can always guide them so that there life is less hell and more productive.I am glad to have younger sister and old brother which makes a perfect balance for me.The reason being when I am scolded by my sister I would counter my self by pulling the young brother and this sometimes become funny too.I love those days when we got time to sit in single room and play those board games.Then we also got to share our sweets and pocket money.Then some moments in my young age where my sister taught me so many good things to help me in studies and also doing her job.

It is very good to have a close companion who can talk to you and have concern about you.I am equally concerned about them.But I am also very cautious and strict when it comes to her safety and security.I always try to stay in contact with her and ask her about where she is going out and when will she come back.All this talk can frustrate her many time but I know that it is important as the situation is not very good when it comes to woman security.She also feels uncomfortable but we do not have an option.Further I also show my warmth of love to her when she is going out,I always ask her to carry a big umbrella or swat coat to cover herself and protect her body from stalkers.I have also taught her to use technology resources to full use and always carry a smart phone with security application installed so that she can contact immediately to me in case of emergency within seconds.I know privacy is also important and we had so many fights on this topic but still I some how convince her to follow my instructions.It is the same case when my big brother wants to check on me and my activities but I am more cool and understand his situation.All these small things sometimes make us our world a better place to live in and enjoy this beautiful life.

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Living with Emotions

There is no substitute to sibling love and emotions.As a human,we need someone in our life who can understand more than anyone else and give us all teh emotional strength and courage.We are always looking for some company to survive in this environment where there is no time to rest and we have competition to survive in this world.I always had difference with my close sister and brother right from the starting but soon I realized about their importance in my life and got the real reason behind their toughness and strict nature against me.It was all done to make me understand the real life situation and get up to be a real men in life.All their scolding and roughness in the early days of my life made me more stronger and give me a hard but good lesson in life.My hate for them was just not justified and it was their intentions and not any kind of revenge to make my life better and smooth all the way.

We always have a good mutual cooperation and understanding for each other and ready to give away anything and sacrifice for each other.Such bonding in today life is very difficult to get but it is our good culture and upbringing which has helped us to get along all these years.We never show the love for each other just for the sake of it but we mean for real.We are not much interested about what others say to us but more about how to cope with each other and stay together.The more we come to each other,we feel happy and comfortable.I have seen the tough time in my brother life when money was big issue for our survival and live a standard life.My brother at those times left his education midway and started earning just to make sure to help the family.His bold step was taken just to make sure that my studies and health are not affected by financial issues.Such kind of deeds can not be paid back no matter how much money you have.I have seen my sister who talks less to me but her inner love for me is much more than anyone in the world.She calls me at least once a day if I am late or have some important exam.Her caring nature and concern is more than anyone else.I am really lucky to have such sibling in life who are tough on me but always look to make my life progressive and joyful.

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