#ApneTareekeSeHealthy Hona

A person suffering from any kind of disease can disturb his normal life and this can lead to problems in keeping his body fit and healthy. Therefore, we must undergo proper check-up and body weight on regular basis to prevent such kind of threat. We should not wait for the conditions to deteorite further and cause a major concern.I am not very fond of music but listen to radio FM stations when going to office in the morning or after a busy day can relieve some of your stress. You can divert your attention from daily routine and enjoy a little bit. I also love dogs for their unconditional love for human beings and never harm anyone without any reason and are always loyal to the master. It is worth having a pet animal at home as it makes you feel better and be your companion for morning walk and after late night dinner. You can run and play with him and become more active by playing with your pet.

Everyone thinks about someone as a role model and I have been inspired by Yuvraj Singh who was suffering from cancer and was not even medically fit but his dedication and motivation for the country and continue to play his role in the cricket team makes him extra ordinary player and my role model. In 2014 he was awarded with the India Padma Shri award and Arjun Award in 2012.I think if he can make a comeback then we must do something for our self to get fit and healthy. It is believed that living a healthy life is the key to living a happy life. Such strong animated player inspires every young Indian to fight against the life struggles and believe it in yourself and have healthy life.

We should also not be over protective and wear use tight clothes just to show off as it may harm our body. But we should not be underweight and start dieting. It is good habit to eat balanced diet and consume lot of water. If you still upset about your body and have any issues, then go through experienced dietician to get proper counselling and mentoring so that they stay strong and never have much pressure and be more confident. You should also encourage to get minimum medication and depend on Ayurveda and herbal medicines as they come with less side effect. You should team up with friends on holidays to go out and travel. This can help you in changing mood and live a better life.

Stay blessed and Stay fit!

 I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.


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