#ApneTareekeSeHealthy Hona

A person suffering from any kind of disease can disturb his normal life and this can lead to problems in keeping his body fit and healthy. Therefore, we must undergo proper check-up and body weight on regular basis to prevent such kind of threat. We should not wait for the conditions to deteorite further and cause a major concern.I am not very fond of music but listen to radio FM stations when going to office in the morning or after a busy day can relieve some of your stress. You can divert your attention from daily routine and enjoy a little bit. I also love dogs for their unconditional love for human beings and never harm anyone without any reason and are always loyal to the master. It is worth having a pet animal at home as it makes you feel better and be your companion for morning walk and after late night dinner. You can run and play with him and become more active by playing with your pet.

Everyone thinks about someone as a role model and I have been inspired by Yuvraj Singh who was suffering from cancer and was not even medically fit but his dedication and motivation for the country and continue to play his role in the cricket team makes him extra ordinary player and my role model. In 2014 he was awarded with the India Padma Shri award and Arjun Award in 2012.I think if he can make a comeback then we must do something for our self to get fit and healthy. It is believed that living a healthy life is the key to living a happy life. Such strong animated player inspires every young Indian to fight against the life struggles and believe it in yourself and have healthy life.

We should also not be over protective and wear use tight clothes just to show off as it may harm our body. But we should not be underweight and start dieting. It is good habit to eat balanced diet and consume lot of water. If you still upset about your body and have any issues, then go through experienced dietician to get proper counselling and mentoring so that they stay strong and never have much pressure and be more confident. You should also encourage to get minimum medication and depend on Ayurveda and herbal medicines as they come with less side effect. You should team up with friends on holidays to go out and travel. This can help you in changing mood and live a better life.

Stay blessed and Stay fit!

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We all go through lot of ups and downs in life and this can disturb the normal life and lead to problems in keeping our body fit and healthy. There is physical and mental stress and my advice to all my readers is to stay healthy and look out for ways to have a better lifeastyle. We have tendency to think about others but we should also think about our freedom and chance to have and get the right healthy body shape.

When it comes to health then we must be motivated and pushed up so that we can have a healthy life. I remember when my mother used to scold me for eating junk food and highlight the importance of eating right healthy food though at that time I used to ignore her but later I do appreciate her. I admire her the most and I want to tell everyone that we should listen to our parents when it comes to our health or anything which they say. We must understand that it will help us in the future.

One of the most important advice is that we must devote maximum time to our self and maintaining body figure. Currently, there are a lot of health powder present in the market but randomly using any such powder by your own wish would be a foolish thing. It is strictly advised to use branded product which is good for the skin and make bones stronger. It is good habit by consulting to a doctor before taking any such powder which suites the body. We also need body massage as this really helps in making the blood flow better and also helps making the muscles stronger so that they get developed easily.

Consuming milk products daily is important as it really helps in growth through faster bone formation and natural ingredients in the milk which keep the body protective from chemicals and allergies. We can use olive oil and coconut oil as it plays a very major role in developing the organs of the body. It is good to squeeze in a few push ups early morning and running in open park to develop body muscles. Balanced diet is necessary and good intake of healthy food is must and so we should drink banana milk shake or fruits juice which are healthy and give energy. We must not overlook our body weight condition and try to reduce their weight within the prescribed limit if required.
Health is the key to life and everything in life revolves around having healthy body and mind.

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Learning English with Pathshala Funwala’s

I love to be more traditional and Indian culture loving person and always follow my custom old traditions. I love to speak in Hindi and talk in local language. I have been taught Hindi and Punjabi language since my birth and love it very much. We see Hindi as our national language but if you see the trend English has become equally important language. English has become business language and seen as very important in today world. English has spread it wings everywhere and has become main tool of communication in India.

I see English taken over the world by its effect and power. I have also felt the power and its importance. I am still traditional but have adapted the modern way of living at same time and going with the upbeat by learning the English language. I have been constantly trying to watch English channels and videos which help me to learn English. I would also change my writing habit from Hindi to English and speak up in English to my friends. I want to give credit to my school teacher and college friends who have constantly guided me to learn English language. Now I am very confident in speaking in English after many years of practice and gaining experience through constantly working hard.

If you see now technology has changed and education is more accessible to everyone and much easy to learn. We all need internet connection and some kind of gadget to open some social site or channel which can bring up whole world in front of us and we can learn and gain as much knowledge. But still lot of people in our country are not so rich and afford all this education and keep up with the financial help which is need to get the good education and resources. This is one of the biggest problem which is being my many in our country. There are still less opportunities for people and those belonged to poor class. We can help such people by offering voluntary support and give English lesson or donating our books if possible. I have also engaged myself to spend some time with kids in nearby society which helps the student to study and learn in a small make shift school. It is great thing if we can help some poor kid to get right kind of books and study material which can make him successful and educated in life.

If you have a wish to help someone in education and giving that special person an opportunity to live a better life then you are just a call away with Nihar Shanti Amla’s toll free toll free number 8055667788.Learning English is so quick now with Nihar Shanti Amla’s Pathshala Funwala’s which has simple motto to learn English in fun way.



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I was very lazy and naughty kid in my school time, I would not listen to my teacher and never did the homework on time. I even used to bunk my English class. This had made a bad impression and lead to scolding and roughness in the early days of my life. But after my brother life and financial circumstances, I realized and started to come to right path back in my life. Further I was so engaged in my studies that after my school, I decided to take personal tuitions of various subjects. This all made me stronger and give me a hard but good lesson in life. I remember exactly that in those times English was in high demand and people often would come to me so that they can get guidance on learning English in right way.

I had some entrepreneur background and decided to become specialized in English speaking and learning course. English has provided me new lease of life after period of depression which had led to pink slips and job cuts in those difficult times. I felt blessed that I was able to survive and keep my hopes alive in that downtime and all this could happen because of my teaching hobby and good knowledge of English language.

I see English language as stepping stone of the future generation as world is becoming small and people are interacting over technology and other things which have English as the main core language. You can be considered as less weaker against your opponent in this competitive world if you are not able to speak and become proficient in English. I am in favour of the newly launched initiative of Nihar Shanti Amla’s which gives a chance to those in need of proper and good education to get educated and learn English with fun. I am really happy that this programme will be soul saver for children whose life has been tough and hope that with right education, it will always make their life progressive and joyful. I hope little bit of counselling and mentoring over the telephone will help such people so that they stay strong and never have much pressure. These young children who are going to be the future of this nation need to be given right advice to make them on right path.

I am excited to start fresh and be a part of this initiative, you can also be try by just dialing this toll free number 8055667788 and feel proud of Nihar Shanti Amla’s Pathshala Funwala’s.

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Shave or Move

In my college days, I was nice student but very active and everyone in my college knew me. I was always famous for being helpful, respecting the teachers and helping every student. In the second year, I was selected by my college administration to help out college staff in recruitment and placement activities. My job would include coordinating with final years students and ask them to send their resumes and I would forward to the college administration. Also I would contact the company Human resource department to take appointment for campus placement process and my job was done.
One day the girl co-ordinator who was my senior was absent when one of the companies came to the campus. Her job was to welcome the guests in the auditorium and introduce them. But I was there in the college and in her absence, I had to welcome them. But the problem for me was that I did not shave that day and also not in formal. I was very nervous since it was not part of my job to welcome guests to the college. As the guests arrived, I gave them the flowers and a memento and took them to the auditorium. Everything did not go smooth and as planned. I could see the college staff looking at me and pointed out to meet them after the process. After the placement process was over and the college staff called me in the cabin. I thought they would appreciate me for my work and the way I managed without my partner. But they told me that due to my unprofessional look with stubble face and tough personality, it made a bad impression as I was the first point of contact. They were expecting me to be more humble, warm and look pleasant and with clean face. They further asked me about my reason not to shave. I knew I had made a mistake and even regretted for the same. They gave me strict instructions to shave if I want to be associated with college staff and be the coordinator.
Due to my mistake, they decided to add one more candidate to the team and now my role was less as expected.

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Missed Opportunity in Painting competition

It was my college second year and our exams were finished. Our college was strict and only concentrated on academic learning and there were not many sports or other co-curricular opportunities. Our auditorium was also very small and most of the time it remained closed. It was only during the annual fest, our college would invite students for debate, drama, ad campaign competition.

During the annual fest, we had many teams coming from different campus to our college. But I decided not to participate this time and instead just go there and have fun with friends and motivate them to win the competition. In the second year, my personality had completely changed and I had grown my beard something like the actor Alan in hangover movie. I felt that beard is a symbol of being a strong man and my junior will be little scared of me. I went to college on the annual fest day with my stubble look and decided not to shave. In the college, one of close friend was participating in a face painting competition but at the last moment his team member opted out and did not came to the fest due to certain medical problem. There were total five teams participating and it was important being the host college to find someone who could be a volunteer and help my friend in face painting competition. I stood up for my friend and our college in order to prevent our disqualification.

But there was an issue with me as my beard was covering the whole face and there was very little area for my friend to paint my face and show his creativity. I asked my teacher to give us 10-15 minutes so that I can get shave and we can perform better to win the competition. But the competition started as per the scheduled time and my friend who was good in his art skill could not do much with my face as facial hair was so thick that it was very difficult to draw or use his sketch pens. In the end, all he could manage was paint my beard into Indian flag.

Then came the voting time for the judges and as expected we lost and came fourth. It was a bad start followed my stubble face which made us losing side.

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