Sibling love

It is such a good feeling when you have a younger or older sibling with you and you are not alone.You get to enjoy your childhood and share some awesome memories.You get to fight and cuddle each other many times in good and bad times.Then we have more parties and hangover movements too.It is good to be old and feel responsible when you have a small brother or sister and you can always guide them so that there life is less hell and more productive.I am glad to have younger sister and old brother which makes a perfect balance for me.The reason being when I am scolded by my sister I would counter my self by pulling the young brother and this sometimes become funny too.I love those days when we got time to sit in single room and play those board games.Then we also got to share our sweets and pocket money.Then some moments in my young age where my sister taught me so many good things to help me in studies and also doing her job.

It is very good to have a close companion who can talk to you and have concern about you.I am equally concerned about them.But I am also very cautious and strict when it comes to her safety and security.I always try to stay in contact with her and ask her about where she is going out and when will she come back.All this talk can frustrate her many time but I know that it is important as the situation is not very good when it comes to woman security.She also feels uncomfortable but we do not have an option.Further I also show my warmth of love to her when she is going out,I always ask her to carry a big umbrella or swat coat to cover herself and protect her body from stalkers.I have also taught her to use technology resources to full use and always carry a smart phone with security application installed so that she can contact immediately to me in case of emergency within seconds.I know privacy is also important and we had so many fights on this topic but still I some how convince her to follow my instructions.It is the same case when my big brother wants to check on me and my activities but I am more cool and understand his situation.All these small things sometimes make us our world a better place to live in and enjoy this beautiful life.

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Living with Emotions

There is no substitute to sibling love and emotions.As a human,we need someone in our life who can understand more than anyone else and give us all teh emotional strength and courage.We are always looking for some company to survive in this environment where there is no time to rest and we have competition to survive in this world.I always had difference with my close sister and brother right from the starting but soon I realized about their importance in my life and got the real reason behind their toughness and strict nature against me.It was all done to make me understand the real life situation and get up to be a real men in life.All their scolding and roughness in the early days of my life made me more stronger and give me a hard but good lesson in life.My hate for them was just not justified and it was their intentions and not any kind of revenge to make my life better and smooth all the way.

We always have a good mutual cooperation and understanding for each other and ready to give away anything and sacrifice for each other.Such bonding in today life is very difficult to get but it is our good culture and upbringing which has helped us to get along all these years.We never show the love for each other just for the sake of it but we mean for real.We are not much interested about what others say to us but more about how to cope with each other and stay together.The more we come to each other,we feel happy and comfortable.I have seen the tough time in my brother life when money was big issue for our survival and live a standard life.My brother at those times left his education midway and started earning just to make sure to help the family.His bold step was taken just to make sure that my studies and health are not affected by financial issues.Such kind of deeds can not be paid back no matter how much money you have.I have seen my sister who talks less to me but her inner love for me is much more than anyone in the world.She calls me at least once a day if I am late or have some important exam.Her caring nature and concern is more than anyone else.I am really lucky to have such sibling in life who are tough on me but always look to make my life progressive and joyful.

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Health and Heart

Prevention is better than cure and this slogan best suits for keeping our heart alive and ticking.We all are working in order to live a peaceful and healthy life and should not take concern related to our health in a cool way.There can be small negligence which could harm the person in long term.Heart is affected by many things and we have to take every small bit of precaution to keep it running and healthy every second of life.

My advice for good heart is having good balanced diet and consuming plenty of water and fruit juice.The young generation full of the so called, warm blood is ready to stake everything even their health for achieving their dreams.You should avoid having alcohol and such drinks.I would add strict prohibition to smoking and eating powder form of smoke ash.You can be better and increase your age with removing these items from your life.Third, try to have the diet on regular time. It makes the functioning of body in a rhythm and increases the efficiency of any work you do. It increases my interest and concentration on any kind of work I do.Balanced diet and drinking coconut water can help your heart.You should also thinking of loosing weight if you are overweight.

A person suffering from heart problem can disturb his normal life and this can lead to problems in keeping his body fit and healthy.There is physical and mental strain while the person can get suitable treatment as heart is very critical and requires more risk of life than any other part.My advice to such people is that if you are feeling any thing related to heart or even a pain then you must contact immediately to the doctor.Do not wait for the conditions to deteriote further and cause a major concern.Such heart patients should be kept away from highly sensitive material and things which are extreme cold and hot. Most important advice is that all people from heart disease must get maximum time and devotion from their well wisher and family members.

Rest I leave the decision on you regarding what are your views for living a healthy life. But believe me, living a healthy life is the key to living a happy life   This article is dedicated for each one of them who think that health and heart is a secondary thing and you can spare it for some time and it will not cause a major problem.

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Heart is the key to life and everything in life is about goes with emotions and love.Without love and heart our life is not more worthy of living it.It is the key core of human existence and we all are connected to each other due to our heart and love for each other.I wanted to tell about why our heart is very important and how to make it grow stronger as your life progress with time.

I see many people suffer from heart attack just due to their family issues and personal problems.We must ensure that we have a very strong binding factor in the family and stay away from such home bound issues and do not take them at heart always.We should try to be happy for all the support and love god has given to us over the years.Mental disorders and mental stress or depression have affected heart of many people and it causes severe critical conditions.We should try to be simple and do not expect too much from anyone and take critic also in positive way.We should not be over thinking or brooding over the past and have a good frame of mind at all times.I see a relation between heart and mind and it can really affect the body.Counseling and mentoring should be done for such people so that they stay strong and never have much pressure.

We see in news about drug intake and use of such ban supplements by young children who are going to be the future of this nation and hence it is important that are given right advice to make them healthy and stop abusing their heart.The first thing is exercise.Exercise should be done by all and physical work is good technique for healthy heart and body.People who are obese and fat have more risk of heart related disease and prone to heart attacks.They must not overlook their body weight condition and try to reduce their weight to be within the prescribed limit.You must avoid taking bath in too much hot water  as it is not good for skin or heart at any time.You can use lukewarm for bathing purpose.We should also intake milk products as it really helps in body growth through faster bone formation and natural ingredients in the milk which keep the heart strong. Heart is very delicate and we must take any kind of heart condition as a very serious case and should not be taken likely if you are under any kind of such problem.One should not listen to anyone or ignore this concern but consult only doctors and professional for right advice related to heart issues

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Zapstore :Best Place to Buy Online

Zapstore is the best place to buy online these days.There are so many things under specific category and labels like shoes,sports kit and camera,travel bag,footwear etc which we can think.These important categories are organized in a very proper way and user can easy select and check the items that are also available on the other sites through this single window or platform of Zapstore.


Now if you see Zapstore site then you find that you can directly pass on and share items you liked or want to suggest to someone like your friend or relative in a very effective way.This is just the beginning but you can do more on it with help of curating your own store.You can just sit in-front of your laptop and get started by choosing the items belonging to e-commerce site and add them to your store.

I have added many new products to my collection through my store on

Here is my wishlist which I want to have it soon or later in my home and get this mission accomplished.

Samsung Galaxy 8

I have more bonding with smartphones these days than anyone else.It is kind of lifeline for me and helps me stay connected with my office people and family members.Recently my phone just got technical issue due to battery discharge and now I am looking for something new phone which is waterproof and comes with best configuration.I like to buy the smartphone Galaxy 8 which is new and best right now in the market.The best about these phones is that they are suited for sending official videos and presentations and easy to operate without getting hotter.


Belle Diamante 18K Gold and Diamond Nose Pin

Every woman dream and loves jewellery items and specially gold necklace and diamond nose pin.I have been married for so many years now and last time I gifted her gold ring was few years back.This nose pin would be a perfect surprise gift for her for our anniversary.


Sony HT-GT1/ME12 Home Audio System

I am fond of music and want to listen to songs when going to office in the morning or while coming back.I need to listen to music as it helps me unvind and relax a lot.But I feel the voice clarity is not that great in my mobile and Sony HT-GT1/ME12 Home Audio System will be perfect option as it will loud and clear.It will be right choice for me.This is one of my dream thing in my list which I want to get and then wish to invite my relatives and organize a dance party with them.

Zapstore is great concept and I am looking to transact my next purchase soon in future.

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Zip Zap Zoom Shopping with ZapStore

Today I see this amazing Zapstore platform for consumers to get the lucrative offer and deal.It provide customers with so much of variety of schemes and offer which is well suited to all sections of the society and has so clear interface.One of the advantage of using website is that it helps in making the online purchase more cheaper and I can buy all the things for my all my needs and even for all family members with best rate or bargain and even save time.It is easy to purchase and has excellent delivery options that you can order your things directly and even get cashback and other ways of discounts missing in regular e-commerce website.


It is connected to your social platform and just require a single click to share on social medium.I am really anxious and excited here to showcase with you all some of the stuff about my curated items.I urge you to check the same on my curator page –

My collection is more about based on mixing western with Indian looks and few items in this collection are

1.Ritu KumarBlack Printed Kurta Churidar Set- This is for my beloved wife as our anniversery is coming and this would be perfect gift for her.I wish to give it to my wife which would give her immense happiness and pleasure.

2.San FrisscoBlack Loafers -I love to be western and yet formal in attire.I like to wear shoes which are iconic and this one suits my flavor.I have always bought sports shoes in black color so this time I wish to add black color shoes.

3.BenQ MX 505 Projector – I am looking to expand my business and operations and nothing is perfect than having a big compact projector in my office.It can solve the purpose of presentations and help me to explain the product to my clients in better way. Currently I own a blackboard and used to do all the calculations and show through on a small board with the chalk which is not more viable for my business.


Zapstore platform is good as I can see the rate of a particular product directly at one place of all the website selling the product.It has cashback offers with discounts which I cannot afford to miss by any chance.There is lot more to my collection and more can be revealed by visiting my profile store directly on my Zapstore profile network.Zapstore is going to change we shop in coming days and people will love to transact more on this site.

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Advice That Mattered

When I was a child I wanted many things from my life. I know that it is something common with everyone but still there was something different with me that I could not explain in words. My biggest dream was to live in a grand house which would be designed by me according to my needs and accessibility. I was a very hard working and determined child as I remember and I did almost everything from studying hard to getting selected in football teams so that I can earn some money and save it for my dream.

One day, I was sitting in the park which was just in front of my house. I was getting bored so I again thought of my dream and start visualizing it. After some time, when I had a basic idea of my house I started drawing a picture of it. It took me till evening to complete that drawing with colors and all. It was looking very beautiful and charming. I kept that picture very safely in some place and started to work harder to fulfill that dream. With time, as it passed I forgot about that picture due to growing up and various new things sharpening in life. But, I had not forgot my dream and still worked on turning it into a reality. Many years passed and I have got married. Now, I even have a son who is exactly the same age as I was when I made that drawing of the house. Unfortunately, I had misplaced that drawing until this morning when my son was looking for his toys in the store room where he found that drawing.

I was sitting in the garden of my house when he came rushing and showed me that drawing. My mouth stood wide open as I had almost forgotten about it but when I saw it, that house in the drawing was the one I was currently living in. I was shocked that it really happened and my hard work played for making my dream into a reality. I want to say that my friends, problems come and they go but one thing that will remain with you always is the sweet or bitter experiences and the dreams that will become a reality for those who never stop chasing them. You must get motivated by yourselves as one day you will become the one you want to be. It may take time but now I am able to fund my own house in the end which became a big bonus for me.

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