Conquering Dreams

Human beings evolved as a very important species in this universe and biologically it has been proved that this has happened due to their ability to think different. This has lead to the human beings to dream for big things that they want to achieve in their life. Dreaming is a very good thing. It helps to develop oneself, give direction to the life and sometimes also helps on the way to understand ourselves better. A friend of mine suggested reading a very great book that changed my life as well as of other readers also for sure. It was “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. It is a great book and helps to identify things in life when one need to introspect within and make decisions that would decide whether you will go up or down to your dream. 

The specialty of this book is that whatever you get to learn from the text depends on the state of the mind of the reader. This book is a collection of everything that one wants to learn in their life. You get so many things to learn from this as it has so many experiences of great people starting their life when they were nothing. It clearly states how they achieved so many things in their life. It also states the problems faced by them and how simply they solved them one by one. Basically, it gives you positive energy. One thing that I learnt the most from this book is that there are energies in the nature.Similarly, you get positive feedback from the environment. And indirectly, those positive thoughts of yours help you achieve great things in life.Failure is a very key ingredient which is faced by everyone in their life on the way to success and fulfilling their dreams. It is we who have to adapt to the situation and act accordingly. Whatever happens in life, always remember if there is a night, there is also a day. I want to say that we must keep chasing your dreams until they stand in front of you and say “YOU ARE HERE”. 

I see contribution of my family and all respected teachers for making me a better human being today and helping you in every sort of trouble which I faced in tough days and guiding me to achieve my dreams to be a professional person and live with dignity and respect in the society. I am proud of myself that I took their advice in serious way every time.

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Tax Filing in Digital Age

Income tax is the tax paid from our own income to the government every year. It is moral duty of each individual to file the income returns as per government deadline and be a good citizen. Filing income tax returns helps in loan processing in easy way and it is also mandatory to file if you want to apply for visa. In certain cases related to property or court order, tax return of last three years has to be submitted. Filing returns also help to show your legal income data as required by the company or for other official purpose. You file tax to get refund back sometimes in form of extra rebate.

Filing returns and tax improves your credibility and value in the market when it comes to check your financial background and trust. Banks do give preference to such people who file the returns on time when giving home or education loan. This is the advantage to all of us but the real benefits are much bigger when comes to filing the tax. It is directly related to funding financial need of the government. Our government has to cater money for social welfare activities and infrastructure development. Our country is constantly under threat from foreign invaders and terrorism. As a result we need to buy arms and weapons to modernize our systems and provide defence with best upgraded fleet of military vehicles and fighter jets. This all need huge amount of money but needed by the government. We also see that farmer suicide and natural calamities do happen which is loss of human life. In such cases we need to support such areas which are possible if all citizens pay taxes and income tax if you have financial income source.

Efiling income tax return is easy way to file IT returns. It can do online and requires very few minutes and saves time. This filing of tax return comes under IT Act and laws set up by the government.

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Tax Simplified

Income tax payment is no more the same as it used to be few years back. Payment system has gone through changes and we have facility to efiling the income tax. Income tax new process is still not known to all and people still try to file through the papers which take up even whole day and cost money too. It is sometimes even difficult to trace the records as papers may get lost. Efiling advantage is that you can get your refund back after filing the tax at a much faster pace than compared to filing it manually. It is few days to go as July is deadline to pay taxes and we must to adhere to government regulations.

There are so many instances where we read in newspaper or hear about raids or scrutiny done by the IT department as they check each and every corner to unearth the black money. This problem will not come if we show them the income tax filing papers on time and satisfy them. You must also pay taxes as it your duty and moral responsibility. No one should ask or force you to do the same. India is one of the largest populated country and we must pay our dues so that government can generate revenue to build roads and public transport system. There is still need of lot of development and work to be done so that we can match the international standards and able to modify the old systems. Our government is constantly working in modernisation of railways and transport. It is trying to match up with common man expectations. Income tax paid will help you feel relaxed and you can feel proud of it. Another point to pay income tax is that banks process the home or car loan which is dream for many people only after checking your documents and one of them includes income tax return. They usually check if tax returns are filed for at least two years or more before taking any decision.

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Right to Relax

One of the most common problems in our country after corruption is related to safety of woman and their rights. It is about their freedom and chance to be considered as equal to men and get the opportunities in all the fields and sectors. It is great that our government has taken action to protect woman and pass rules with regulations which helps in woman empowerment and gender equality. I feel that it is not the duty of government to come into action but duty of all people of this country to change their approach and thinking. All these activities of change can be carried out if we start from early age. We all love our child and want them to get the best education and get best coaching in academics and become successful. This is one side of it and on other hand we must also take care that moral values and basics are taught to them with help of audio and video guides. Children are going to be the future of this nation and hence it is important that they give respect to woman from starting of their teenager stage.

Our home is the centre of learning and most of us get to learn from real life incident and experiences. Children must abide my rules made by their parent and should follow them strictly. They must be motivated and pushed up so that they can lend a helping hand in household work everyday. We cannot depend on single person for all the household chores and each member whether young or old must understand this point. Parents should also consider both their son and daughter as equal and no gender bias of any kind must be done. Household chores can be hectic sometimes when we have festival season or many guests arriving at home for certain special occassion.Single person mainly woman who takes the in charge of cooking dinner, washing utensils and other working for smooth movement of things can cause health issues like back pain and body pain. Children should be motivated by self so that he or she can at least perform simple operations like filling the empty water bottles or collecting clothes for laundry. Child can share the load by helping the mother during the weekend holiday and reduce her work. Child can help in cleaning the dining table and bringing the daily food items from the market. One thing to realize that home is all about togetherness and we must work in co-ordination and be together so that everyone is happy in the end.

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#ShareTheLoad Challenge

Parents are next to God and they are the well wishers.Every child is born the same but the upbringing and moral values makes him a good or a bad human being.It is all in the hands of the parents and how kids take it further in life.We all have our own views but certain things never change and it remains forever like our learning in childhood stage and certain habits.But still it is the duty of parents to show their child right path and give them the directions needed by them in their life.Parents style and following at home can become part of child daily routine and it may be right or wrong.Children usually observes the old people and try to copy them without thinking about the result.We all know that our female population take the charge of the household and do all kinds of household chores.It is seen that husband or old people usually try to demand or order things to their female counterpart and expect them to fulfill their desire at any cost.I have seen myself in my relatives house where my uncle does not want to go to kitchen and want to have glass of water served to him in the bed itself every time.

I feel it is not about being lazy but our old practices through the generation which is still intact somehow.The end result is that even my nehew took things for granted and started to order her mother for her books and toys.This continues and the woman in the house does not raise her voice or do something about it.She feels like serving her family and it is her moral obligation.I think this old tradition must be taken seriously  in order to stop it.We must abolish it from all means and woman must be given the chance to take rest and given the power to speak up in house regarding all matters.It is point of self respect and giving importance to woman power.We must end this gender inequality and discrimination on basis of gender or sex.Children of this generation should raise a campaign so that old people could realize their mistakes and learn from it.Small tasks like filling the water bottle or putting clothes in washing machine or laundry must be done by each member of family.There is no guilt in doing the household work and this is the main thing to understand and spread in the social environment.I would really like the idea if next generation thinks about giving time to household chores.

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#MyInternTheory of Life

Life is very challenging in the multinational companies and it becomes very difficult for young college boy to understand the situation and manipulate the situations to stay ahead of the game. The only answer is to get use to pressure situations and key problems by going through the stage of internship. Internship teaches you thing which cannot be experienced in college or through books. Companies are always looking for candidates who are ready to work and they have perception that the candidate coming out of college is ready to perform on the big stage where margins of errors are very less and there are too high expectations. Companies hire candidates and give them huge salaries and so they want the talent who have undergone practical training through internship.

Internship for me was part of my career and growth curve. My internship first day was kind of hell for me. It was raining and weather was windy. I reached the office and my clothes were already wet and peon guided me to my manager who was already waiting for me for more than thirty minutes. It was all screwed up and I had perception that he may knock me out of the project on the first day itself. I was nervous and very anxious during that moment but situation was completely different. The manager told me to just relax and be calm. He told to be having some coffee and gave me time to settle for the moment. I found the manager very supportive and took off all the pressure from me and understood my situation. It was his attitude and down to earth nature that made me understand about real life problems while working in the big company and how we should act to think of the solution to the problem.

I had to choose a project topic and I decided that my interest is more in marketing and branding. It is more towards finding about the consumer perception about the brands and its key gaps which leads to building the right strategy to build the brand. It was my luck that my professor also approved my project topic and he really played a key role in guidance, monitoring and encouragement throughout the project. I was given the chance to work under the marketing head of the company to find analyzed and understand the consumer perception. The project helped me to create awareness about company products and matching it with consumer choice trends.

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College education is not complete without working or taking the internship in any firm or company. It forms part of the partial fulfilment for the award of the degree at the end of the course. During the short internship programme had chance to implement my book learning to the practical applications. It also gave the perception to me about how the organisation functions are carried out and performed by people and what problems comes and role of managers and decision makers. I did many mistakes in that period but my senior was really patient with me and taught me everything ignoring my mistakes. He told me about corporate culture and dealing with people and office politics.I got to know so much things about good and bad things which can happen to you in the job.

As a part of project activity many office tasks were performed by me and it included checking the balance sheets, vouchers and cash receipt from different clients and vendors.I had to work from the ground up and working with labour and front line sales people.It was all about adjusting to reality where people work with team and do their work.I was told to co-ordinate with warehouse department for regular supply of material and inventory checking and then talking with the factory manager for stock update.This went for first few days and then I shifted to sales department which was more of my interest.I had to visit the market and meet the dealers and clients and build up the relationship with them for business development and growth.It was field operations job and one had to be active all time.All this work  was a great and memorable pleasure time for me and it honestly made me more strong and bold interacting with people from different field.I also gave my feedback about problems in the warehouse and how it can be detected early and treated to prevent wastage and cost reduction.

The idea about internship is really about learning and nothing else.I was not paid for my internship but still it made me a better person in life.Today students often want to know about the money and other benefits before taking the intership offer which is not bad at all but must see about the organisation and will it be benefit for them in the future or not.Overall Internship is excellent way to know about the working environment and taking the decision whether you have interest in that particular job and if it matches your passion.

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