Get. Set. Bolt….

Tata Motors is known for its quality and customer service.It is one of the the most reputed Indian brand when it comes to car segment.The first thing which strikes my mind when I hear about Tata motors is their one of best selling car Tata Indica.Last year Tata motors came up with Tata Zest in order to give strong competition to Maruti Suzuki and other car companies which made quite an impact in the market.In order to continue its effort to capture a larger market share,this time they have launched Tata Bolt with all the latest features tested over quite period of time and giving best value of money to the customers.

Recently I got an opportunity to visit shopping mall in New Delhi and check out their newest car BOLT.There was a huge rush around the bolt arena and people at the mall look quite excited about the buzz surrounding the bolt.I met the Bolt team at the booth counter and they gave me a brief 360 degree review about the car and its specifications.I like their presentation style and confidence while explaining the features and different modes.


If you ask about 5 features which make this car different from others,then it would include these following features.

1. Exterior looks and Driving Mode

On the first look,Bolt in red color is very appealing and attractive.The first thing which grabs the attention is the Tata Motors logo and Bolt written below it both at the front and back end of this elegant car.One of the most important thing and primary thing any car is driving and then comes the fuel efficiency,budget planning  and interior.Tata Bolt with Revotron Engine offers multiple driving modes known as the Sport, Eco and City modes.


2. Interior Design and Classic Dashboard

Bolt driving is like a child play with power assisted steering wheel and side buttons to play music and adjust other settings without any deviation from driving.



3. Spacious and Exclusive Safety Measure

Bolt is a perfect family car with enough space and leg room for backside passengers.Also the ceiling height is more and back seats can be folded to make extra space for luggage.Bolt considers safety of passenger on priority and has included Corner Stability control for smooth driving and dual airbags to prevent serious injury during accidents.

4.  Powerful Tested Engine

Tata Bolt come up with Revtron1.2L Engine Next Generation MPFI Engine.It uses Fuel Injection Technology which helps in saving fuel and increasing power efficiency with elevated performance.


5.  Social Connect and Full on Entertainment

Bolt has touch screen infotainment by Harman which can connect to ten Bluetooth connections.Voice Recognition System and Social Connect are unique selling point for Bolt as it helps user to customize their music and set their preferences.


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Smart Suraksha Tips for Women Road Safety


After last year incident in Delhi,its time to stand up and help the women to fight for their rights.Being a father,I feel very scared whenever my daughter walks out of house for her studies and coaching in the evening.I have always been there to drop her at the gate or make sure she is never alone.I have tried to share every news and tips which could help her in fighting and make her stronger.

I want to share ten tips with you all which are really helpful and you can feel more confident while walking next time on road.

Check them below as follows :-

1.If someone follows you on road then first thing is to enter some public place or market and go to nearby shopping mall.Then ask for help or call someone.

2. During working in evening or going out,carry a big umbrella or swat coat to cover yourself and protect your body from stalkers.

3. When using public transport or going by train or bus and in various public places,one must  sit or stand next to women or  aged people,this will make you safe and  reduce the risk and keep up your mind tension out.

4. Once feeling danger,you can scream and shout loudly for bringing attention of people on the road and passers-by or people around you.With this the person may run way or caught by people.

5.Use technology resources to full use and always carry a smart phone with security application like smart suraksha application installed so that it can contact immediately to your well wishers in case of emergency within seconds.

6.Have a wallet with so much money that helps you to call or hire a cab if needed.Try to put extra money in some secret pocket for your help.

7.Everyone is suggested that you must undergo a self-defense course from reputed training academy.

8. While travelling alone,do not wear clothes or expensive luxury items that attract unwanted attention in crowded areas.

9.Make sure your parents or well wishers know where are you going and when you will come and try to have mobile phone with hundred percent battery before leaving your house.

10. Use pepper spray or perfume and keep any pointed item like knife which can help you in emergency.

Woman should  stay alert, keep safe, and look out for your security.Dont be late and take precautions.

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